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Being There: Lunch Stop at Cafe Bianchi

Nov 27, 2016Comments off1656 Views

The world's oldest bike brand serves it up hot & fresh

Tour de France 2016 - 103a Edizione - 16a tappa Moirans en Montagne - Berne 209 km - 18/07/2016 - Veduta - foto Jan De Meuleneir/PN/BettiniPhoto©2016

Tour de France Photo Gallery: The Scary Six

Jul 18, 2016Comments off947 Views

Heading into the second rest day, the race saw a lot of unreal moments happen. More crashes and even a mid race run, we are

Tour de France 2016 - 12a tappa Montpellier / Mont Ventoux/Chalet-Reynard 178 km - 14/06/2016 - Caduta Froome - Veduta pubblico - foto Dion Kerkhoffs/Tim van Wichelen/BettiniPhoto©2016


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Photos: Bettini

Tour de France 2016 - 103a Edizione - 1a tappa Mont Saint Michel - Utah Beach Sainte Marie du Mont 188 km - 02/07/2016 -  - foto Luca Bettini/BettiniPhoto©2016

TDF Photo Gallery: Front Nine

Jul 11, 2016Comments off865 Views

With the first nine stages in the books, there has already been much controversy, action, and all out amazing racing. Here is a gallery of

Tour de France 2015 - 102a Edizione - 21a tappa Sevres - Paris Champs Elysees 109.5 km - 26/07/2015 - Veduta - foto Vincent Kalut/PN/BettiniPhoto©2015

Gallery: A Look Back At The 2015 Tour de Fr...

Jun 30, 2016Comments off951 Views

A look back to Tour de France past