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2012 Eurobike: The House of Pinarello

August 29, 2012
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As always, the Pinarello Cycles booth was something worth lingering in due to the explosion of creativity found within. No doubt Fausto Pinarello’s recently celebrated 50th birthday (make sure to tell him he doesn’t look a day over 40!) probably played a role. More noteworthy still is that 2012 is the year that Fausto’s father, and company founder Giovanni, is celebrating his 90th birthday. Lastly, the brand itself is celebrating it’s 60th anniversary this year. On top of all that, the Italian brand dominated the Tour de France this year with Team Sky which also must’ve helped lift the atmosphere in the booth.

Of course, it all started with the bike that did the deed in July…

Bradley Wiggin’s Tour de France winning Dogma 65.1 Think2 (no really, that is the name) stood front and center. The  bike features all new carbon material and the signature curvy Onda fork and seatstays. The Think2 designation refers to the frames ability to accommodate either mechanical or electronic drivetrain cables from either Campagnolo or Shimano. Another special Pinarello treat? The frame is available in 12 sizes! Take that all you S, M, L sized bike frames!

Pinarello is also now using a new high modulus Torayca carbon with Nanoalloy technology to raise the frames stiffness while simultaneously lowering the weight. Wiggin’s win also marked the second consecutive Tour de France victory for Shimano’s Di2 electronic drivetrain.

Another the real looker in the booth was definitely the new MAAT Pista track bike. Available in five sizes, the bike enjoys some sensational lines as well specific ribbing in the fork, chainstay and down tube that act to stiffen up the frame.

       The fork is a thing of beauty and the bike uses an oversized tapered headtube (1 1/4″ – 13/4″). Note the oversized trapezoidal shaped downtube to also maximize frame stiffness. The Most components are Pinarello’s own in-house brand.

Due to the hard forces generated at the pedals, the rear drops run with a four bolt stainless steel serrated surface with a finger-dial adjuster for optimum wheel alignment.

Style. Style. Style. The rear end of the Maat Pista frame has a particularly graceful flow that is also made stiffer with the same ribbing found on the fork and the chainstays. The bike is available in five sizes.

As if 12 different frame sizes isn’t enough to show-up an industry increasingly dependent on offering as few frame sizes as possible, the frames are also available in ten different color schemes, two of which are special asymmetrically laid out as Fausto’s special birthday celebration models. 

One of the least expected, but most interesting bikes in the Pinarello booth (actually in the whole show) was the radical new Dogma XC9.9 mountain bike. Over two years in development, the carbon 29’er hardtail features some of the same frame design benefits found on the high-end road bikes, but with a unique twist. Note the fork stop mounted on the underside of the downtube to help protect the frame from crash damage – clever! Besides a slightly recessed headset, the bike also uses a Fox fork specially designed for the Italian bike. The claimed frame weight for a Medium frame is 1050 grams.

By far the most radical design element is the asymmetrical Onda seat stays with a wholly unique four bolt clamp seat binder that has a four bolt face plate that secures to the seatstays – wild!. The idea for the seatstay design is to better dissipate bump forces. XC 9.9 will be available in only S,M, L, and XL sizes. There is also a lower level Dogma XC frame available that doesn’t use the higher-end Torayca carbon with a similar Nanoalloy technology as used with the Dogma road bike,

For the sake of the next game of Trivial Pursuit, 2012 was not the first time that the family run bike company from Treviso, Italy rode into Paris with the yellow jersey. Congratulations Pinarello and happy birthday Fausto and “Grandpa Nani”.

For more info: Pinarello Bicycles


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