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Being There: North American Handmade Bike Show

February 24, 2013
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Builder/owner Tim O’Donnell and the fine folk from Shamrock Cycles (located in the “Mountain State of Indiana”) wow’d the NAHBS crowd early on with this stainless steel cyclocross bike.

The stainless steel Shamrock Cycles ‘cross bike was using the popular Slider dropout from Paragon Machine Works to provide a singlespeed and geared drivetrain option.

The thematic internal cable routing found on the fork crown of the Shamrock ‘cross bike epitomizes the attention to detail found throughout the show.

If wood rims are what you’re looking for, there’s a one stop shop found at Wheel Fanatyk.

Steady readers of RBA will know well of my love affair with all things Craig Calfee. With an all new carbon killer in the making (to debut at the Sea Otter Classic), Craig was left to display his usual wide array of carbon and bamboo bikes. Unlike his African made Bamboo bikes, this one is made in the NorCal factory and it hosts a handful of ingenious features…

…like the use of Look’s beautiful all carbon Zed 2 crank which then makes it possible to run a…

Campagnolo EPS drivetrain with the massive “brain box” now deftly hidden away inside the massive bamboo downtube. Unlike DeRosa that designed a clean “hatch door” to get the Campy brain inside their frame, the bottom bracket dimension needed to fit the over-sized carbon cranks spindle easily allowed the brain to be positioned inside the frame. The small button in front of the crank is actually the powerport for the battery. Brilliant.

This rear dropout on the Co-Motion cyclocross bike is an impressive example of beautiful craftsmanship and thoughtful design.

                               Gates belt drives continue to make headway with the handmade builders.

Considering that the very first bicycles were made from wood, it was interesting to see that the wood bikes fall under the “alternative material” category at the show. Still, the upsurge in popularity of bikes made from wood is surprising. Most impressive is the wide range of designs and materials that the “alternative material” builders are using. 

The award winning titanium/bamboo Boo Glassindo cuts a classic line from every angle. In a word, simply fabulous.

The North American Handmade Bicycle Show is pleased to announce the first group of the 2013 NAHBS Awards. The second group will be announced at 3 p.m. Sunday.
Saturday’s Awards
Alchemy Bicycle Co. – Best carbon construction
Bishop Bikes – Best road bike
Bilenky Cycles – Best lugged frame
Steve Potts Cycles – Best TIG frame
Kent Eriksen & Black Sheep Fabrication – Best titanium construction
Boo Bicycles – Best alternative material
Cherubim by Shin-Ichi Konno – Best city bike
Retro-Inglis Cycles – Best mountain bike
Mosaic Cycles – Best cyclocross bike
Black Sheep Fabrication & Calfee Design – Best tandem
Matsuda Cycle Factory – Best track bicycle

In the categories that received no award, a spokesman for the judges explained, “In the best steel construction category there were no entries. In the best utility bicycle category there were three entries, and the judges were unanimous in their opinion that none of those entries measured up to the standard of last year’s award winners.”


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