Interbike Tech Report: Part 4

September 26, 2012
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Sarto Cycles remains a fan favorite for anyone who appreciates carbon frames that are handmade in Italy. The family-run brand was represented by two eye-popping bikes.

So, how light do you want to go? This lightweight Sarto was hanging over at the TRP booth and continued to stop people in their tracks when they saw the 9.5 lbs reading on the scale.

 Custom made titanium and stainless steel frames are the order of the day at Cysco Cycles. Richie Moore is the man behind the torch and if this show bike is any example, he does beautiful work.

As he does each and every year, Dario Pegoretti wow’d the crowd with his simple, but oh so elegant steel frames. The Marcello Pista will set you back $3400.

Lazer Helmets was showing off this new aero helmet, but what really caught our eye was their use of neon orange for some of their 2013 helmets. Neon returns…yes!!

It was cool to see how long the line was for an autograph from five-time Tour de France winner Miguel Indurain who did all his July winning aboard a Pinarello on the Banesto team.

Well look what the boys at Mad Fiber came up with – color!! Although not a full production option, we were told that from time-to-time they plan to add some colored kevlar to the wheel just to mix things up.

LAS helmets was pretty excited to show-off their new Blue Tooth communication system that is a one hand adjustable system that does just about everything short of buttering your toast! Although the price is not yet firm, they thought the final price would be close to $600 with the Supreme helmet (available in both matte and gloss finishes).

It seems like its been awhile since Eddy Merckx broke out a new TT/Tri bike, well, at Interbike they did and in addition to the rear mount front brake, the biggest innovation was the downtube that has huge, gaping holes in it to allow for max air flow. Going price for the frame is $4250.

What better way to end a long week in Las Vegas than with a stop at the Mad Greek in Baker, CA. And better yet, who better to bump into than RBA’s own John “Master Blaster” Ker. After getting separated in Vegas traffic on the way home, there I found John enjoying a lamb/beef combo gyro solo. “JMFK” has been delivering the photos from Interbike for over two decades and we are all in his debt to his perseverance and keen eye.

Didn’t make it to Interbike? Here’s a few more sights you would have seen, including products from Campagnolo, Lazer, BH and more!



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