Sea Otter Tech Part 3: More New Bikes And Products From California

April 21, 2009
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Road Bike Action continues its look at the newest and coolest bikes and products debuting at the Sea Otter Classic.

Limar 969 Helmet
Limar was showing off their top of the line 969 helmet that comes in either red, blue, silver and pink color schemes. The low profile design features good air flow due to its 33 specially shaped vents, while the added carbon inserts make it stronger without adding weight. The 969 weighs 280-grams and uses Limar’s Pro fit system for easy size adjustment.

For 2010 Limar is releasing a super lightweight racing helmet that will be lighter than anything on the market. While the Limar had the new helmet on hand, Road Bike Action was asked not to photograph it. However, we have been promised a test model as soon as they are available

The Hive Chub Carbon Track Hubs
The company The Hive were showing off track hubs that feature a giant oversized carbon fiber hub body mated to aluminum flanges. The Hive says that their Chub hubs provide better power transfer due to greater torsional stiffness. The design also makes for a stronger and stiffer wheel due to shorter spokes and greater triangulation angle. The Front hub costs $110, while a rear will set you back $240.

The Chub hubs were being displayed on a Tonic track bike. Based out of Portland, Oregon the Tonic had amazing attention to detail with an integrated headset, smooth welds and beautiful raised graphics.

Edge Carbon Stem
Edge Composites has been making a name for itself over the past couple of years with their high-end carbon road wheels. Edge is now expanding their line and putting the final touches on their new carbon stem. The Edge stem will weigh 110-grams and is designed to be torsionally stiff but still absorb road vibration. The Edge stem should be available in a couple of months. Look for a carbon seatpost to follow shortly.

Foes Pasadena
Pigeonholed as a downhill mountain bike company, Foes surprised many with the Pasadena, a 26′ wheeled commuter bike. Like their mountain bikes, the Pasadena features an oversized welded monocque aluminum frame. It will come with two separate components packages and be equipped with either a rigid aluminum or carbon fork and disc bikes. The final specs have yet to be determined so final pricing was not available. The Pasadena is the only complete bike that Foes will be producing in 2009, and if successful could lead to more road oriented products in the future.

Hutchinson Intensive Tubeless Tire
With more wheel manufacturers producing tubeless rims and wheelsets, Hutchinson is expanding their line of tubeless tires pass the race course. The performance and training oriented Intensive tubeless features a wider 25-millimeter casing with a more durable cut resistant sidewall and longer wear rubber compound. The Hutchinson Intensive sells for $64.00

Lezyne Prototype Shop Tools
Lezyne had several new products at Sea Otter. Known best for stylish mini-pumps and multi-tools, Lezyne is expanding into high-end shop tools. The new prototype shop level tools are larger for  better ergonomics and to allow for more torque when tightening bolts. The allen wrench tool features a full run of sizes from 1 to 6-millimeters, with extra 1, 2, and 2.5-millimeter L-shaped wrenches.

Lezyne Riding Wallet
Another new product from Lezyne is the riding wallet. The riding wallet has a place for a multi-tool, tire leavers, patch kit, money and a waterproof plastic pocket for a cell phone. The Lezyne riding wallet folds up to fit perfectly in the back pocket of a jersey.

Kore Streamline Wheelset
Kore has one of the most diverse product lines in the industry, making everything from cross brakes, and BMX pedals, all the way through road handlebars and wheels. At Sea Otter, Kore was showing off their new white Streamline wheelset that features black rims and hubs mated to white aero spokes for a visually striking wheel. The Streamline has 16 spokes up front with 20 in the back. The Kore hubs roll on sealed cartridge bearings and are available with either a Shimano or Campnolgo cassette.

CLIF Quench
CLIF Quench is a new sport drink that is made with all natural and 88 percent organic ingredients. CLIF Quench contains no artificial colors, sweeteners and preservatives used in many sports drinks. It is designed with a balance of ingredients including electrolytes and carbohydrates.

Keeping with CLIF’s move toward sustainability; the bottle is made of 40 percent post-consumer recycled PET plastic, the highest percentage of any U.S. bottled beverage, and the bottle and label are fully recyclable. CLIF Quench will arrive on shelves in June and comes in four flavors: Fruit Punch, Orange, Lime-Ade and Strawberry Citrus. The Quench will retail for $1.49


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