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RBA’s Product of the Day: Friday Roundup

February 24, 2017
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Product of the day is our daily roundup of a new bike or product that have made their way through the doors of RBA headquarters or have simply caught our eye. Many will be featured in upcoming issues of  Road Bike Action magazine, so be sure to subscribe!



Abus Bordo Centium Folding Lock

For $149 you can pocket the Abus Brodo Centium folding lock. Five millimeter steel bars with a synthetic coating to prevent bike damage are the base of this folding lock from Abus. The bars are held together by Abus rivets to assure top notch protection against theft attempts. A stainless steel case comes with the lock along with a  a manually cover that goes over the keyhole to protect against dirt and corrosion. Even though it is made from steel bars, the Bordo Centium is touted to be lightweight and easy to use. Further your knowledge about Abus products and the Bordo Centium folding lock at www.abus.com!


It’s Friday! Here is all of the other products you may have missed from earlier this week:


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Now here’s your chance to win a prize package from the RBA office’s schwag pile. Each week, we will grab at random from our schwag pile, a few items to send to the winner. To win, all you have to do is send us an email at letters@roadbikeaction.com with an answer to the following question and you’ll be entered into our random drawing. (The winner must be a resident of the U.S., as we are only authorized to ship goods to the U.S.) Good luck!

  • What is your favorite cold weather cycling accessory?

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