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RBA New Product Review

February 22, 2012
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Low profile. Massively ventilated. Exceptionally aerodynamic. The Oracle is a pro-caliber road helmet for riders who won’t settle for anything but the best. Featuring an in-molded carbon fiber skeleton that provides the superior structural integrity and load dispersal necessary to create the biggest possible vents in the lowest-profile design, Oracle uses internal channeling and CFD-optimized ventilation to maximize airflow efficiency through the helmet and over the head, for impressive levels of cooling and drag reduction. The Oracle is the official helmet of Andy Schleck, Fabian Cancellara, and the rest of the pros on Leopard/Trek.


The 3T Brezza nano TT/pursuit bar, which at just 30 cm in width reduces drag by up to 30% compared with the standard-width Brezza.The 3T Brezza nano bar was designed for competitors who spend almost all their race in an aero tuck, as pursuit riders and most triathletes do. Shortening the bar to 30 cm cuts weight and reduces the bar’s frontal area, which benefits aerodynamics. 3T Cycling.


Windproof jacket in three-layer Light Textran (a Campagnolo exclusive) with highly breathable and elastic internal spread-coating. The fabric features a W.R. (water repellent) treatment to protect from the first drops of rain. All the zips are spread-coated and waterproof, and have a semi-blocking pull with logo. Utility pocket on the back and elastic back hem with external reflex element to guarantee the maximum visibility on the road. The jacket is available in the colours Black, White, Orange, and Yellow in men’s sizes S to 3XL. Campagnolo Sportswear.


Short-sleeved jersey made of breathable stretch polyester with front full zip. The fabric is produced using the polymer Biophyl that derives in large part from corn sugar. It is therefore an environmentally friendly and eco-compatible fiber. The jersey has two back pockets and an additional third utility pocket with zip closure. The jersey is available in the colors Black, Red and Orange in men’s sizes S to 3XL. Campagnolo Sportswear.


Sugoi is celebrating their 25th anniversary in 2012 by getting back to our roots – creating original print jerseys, each with their own personality. Sugoi has produced 11 striking women’s and men’s print jerseys – something for every taste and style. ‘Around the Bend’ is the featured jersey of this collection. Behind this jersey’s poignant design is a heartfelt story ? a memorial of a life lost to cancer and a tribute to the powerful support of the cycling community. Around the Bend is dedicated to all people whose lives have been affected by cancer. Partial proceeds from the sale of each ?Around the Bend’ jersey will be donated to cancer research. Sugoi Cycling.

In The Artists Own Words: ‘A lone tree grows perilously from the steep roadside, while the forest stands below in support. The road winds with the names of cycling legends Eddy, Bernard, Jacques, Miguel, Alberto, and Francesco – the presence of these road warrior’s names lends encouragement as you begin your ascent up the twisting mountain climb. Around the Bend is dedicated to a friend whose laughter is still heard and all people whose lives have been affected by cancer. Thank you for supporting cancer research. With your support, I believe a cure is around the bend.’ Peter Wyse.


Don’t like that feeling of water squishing in your shoes? Neither do we, and that’s why so much time and attention goes into the design and manufacturing of our shoe covers. BBB shoe covers are constructed from high-tech fabrics that regulate both temperature and moisture, and will keep your feet dry, regardless of the season. The BBB StyleFlex covers are a lightweight cover sock to keep road spray off your shoes, or hide your already dirty or old shoes, that’s what the BBB StyleFlex is designed for. The elastic fabric characteristics give the Styleflex a smooth and tight fit around the shoes, but allows an easy pull on. To be able to click into your pedals and prevent the sock from getting damaged, a cleat and shoe lugs cut out are integrated. The StyleFlex comes in two sizes, S/M (38-42) and L/XL (43-47), and two colors, black and white. BBB Cycling.


Cyclists will be in their element like a fish in water when wearing these great new FS260-Pro Nemo Gloves on cold winter rides. Yes, we all think and dream of springtime after the festive season. However the harsh reality is: the coldest part of winter may well still lie ahead of us, and even in spring month March you might want to put some warm gloves on for the odd fast ride. Fact is also that hands and feet are the body parts most affected by the cold when cycling since they are permanently exposed, gripping the handle bars and pedaling.

Endura have now developed the matching neoprene glove, the FS260-Pro Nemo Glove. This latest member of the Endura glove family is part of the premium FS260-Pro collection of road cycling clothing, and it is perfectly suited for the harshest of this winter’s conditions. The double laminated neoprene construction with bonded seams makes the FS260-Pro Nemo Glove a highly water resistant glove. The high-tech neoprene fabric also accounts for the great insulation properties, high durability and dexterity as well as the really snug fit of this glove. Its extended cuff is designed to fit under jacket sleeves to prevent your wrist from getting exposed to the cold. The cuff is constructed Velcro-free for a draught-free, non-abrasive design that is at the same time easy to put on and off. A grippy palm and thumb make sure you’ve got good control over your bike at all times. Reflective logos enhance visibility. Last but not least, it should not go unmentioned that the sleek black style with the dark red inner and inversely placed icon-prints on the outside simply looks great and very professional. The FS260-Pro Nemo Gloves are available in sizes S-XL and retail at $44.99. Endura Sport


Ratio presents Traveler: the perfect bag to transport your bike on the airplane and all over the world. Who have never ever dreamed to bring the bike with himself, without continually disassemble and assemble it, protecting it from crashes and respecting the restrictive weight imposed by the airlines? Now with the new Ratio bag, this has become a reality. Ratio worked a lot on this project and finally come to a solution: the ideal bag that can easily contain any road bike, no matter of what size. The Traveler bag from Ratio is a traveling bag that feature a particular internal structure that allows to easily insert the bike and transport it everywhere. The bag external structure is made of a polyurethane microfiber that’s highly resistant to abrasions, impacts and rain.

We used very stout waterproof zippers, that can be fully opened all along the perimeter of the bag. The precious secret of this product is the inner aluminum structure. The front structure where the fork is stored, is very light and very durable and it is adjustable, depending on the length of the bicycle. The rear structure, where the dropouts are blocked, is protected by a folding cage. Once the wheels are removed from the bicycle they can be housed in the two provided bags that can be stored on the sides of the Traveler bag and hold in place by a Velcro system. They will be a further help in protecting your bike.
The handlebar is saved by two lateral padded pockets, while the bag sides, once the bike is fixed, are held together thanks to a belt system. The Traveler bag complete weight is 6.5Kg. It will allow you to respect the minimum kilos required by the airlines. Ratio Bike Designs


 Zipp’s new lightweight Tangente butyl road tube is designed to improve rotational stability by decreasing rotational mass at the valve body. The new Zipp Tangente tube features the only aluminum presta-valve body on the market (37 mm length with removable valve core). Tubes are 700c x 19-23 mm, weighing 89 g without a valve extender. The aluminum valve body saves weight, allowing us to make a tube that is .85 mm thick to optimize durability. To complement the tube, the new integrated Zipp aluminum Valve Extenders are available in lengths for each Zipp wheel.

The new tube-and-extender system puts the removable Presta-valve core at the end of the extension for the most effective air seal. That means you get the same access to the valve top you would have with an ordinary stem. You simply access the top of the Presta valve directly, just as you would on a tube without an extender.

Zipp’s new valve extender system requires three components, each sold separately, making extender choice possible based on your preferred wheel set-up. Also, an all-in-one valve extender kit will be in stock soon. Zipp Wheels


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