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Tour de Suisse - Stage 7

Sneak Peak: Andrew Talanksy

January 16, 2017
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By Jon Hornbeck

Photos: Bettini

We recently caught up with Cannondale – Drapac’s Andrew Talansky for an interview in our upcoming May issue. We went over his recent injury he sustained, his thoughts on the upcoming crop of American cyclists, and much more. Be sure to grab the magazine for the full article once it hits the stands. Until then, here’s a sneak peak.


With yourself being one of the top American’s, what is it you believe is going to take you to the level of a TDF podium contender?


I would say that everything is a progression and I felt that in the past I haven’t gone to a Grand Tour and put in a ride that I feel I am capable of. Last year at the Vuelta I was fifth overall, and I believe that was the best I could do, and I was happy with that. That was a big step up for me. I was seventh in 2012 but by the numbers this year’s race was completely different. That race was the most difficult race I’ve ever done. The goal is to continue to progress and go back to the Tour. I’ll reset my goals in my career and go to the Tour this year with the right goal in mind. Obviously, we want to see how high up the ladder I can go in a Grand Tour.

If your name isn’t Froome or Quintana you have to look for opportunities. If you plan on going head to head with those guys on the climbs you’ll have to be on your best day and them on a lesser day for any real time to be made. I think you need to look for opportunities like how Contador and Quintana did last year at the Vuelta which turned the race on Froome. Also, I believe that with me coming into the sport at a later age I will just keep progressing. I just turned 28 and a lot of guys don’t hit their best years until they’re in their thirties, so I believe there’s still time.


Tour de Suisse - Stage 9

Tour de Suisse – Stage 9



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