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Bobke’s Daily Call In

July 10, 2008
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 Well the first climbing stage of the 2008 Tour de France was taken by ‘Le Cobra’ Ricardo Ricco ? hey R.R. ? I like those initials! Ricco is the most trash talking cyclist in a long time. In the past Ricco has accused the peloton of having the collective IQ of sub-atomic particles? he talks serious jive and its hilarious! I do believe he’s a real interesting rider, a real talent in the mode of Pantani. He’s not afraid to speak his mind and he’s a real breath of fresh air in the peloton. Following his 2nd. overall in the Giro, Ricco has obviously brought his fitness with him to the Tour. Today he picked his stage and rode a perfectly tactical race to win.

As for Stefan Schumacher, he’s out of yellow after tangling with a teammate and crashing within 1k of the finish. Unlike the flat stages (with the 3k crash rule), you’re on your own on mountain top finishes and you’re responsible for handling your own bike.

 I have to also say that Christian Vandevelde rode a fantastic race with a thrilling effort at the end. If only he could’ve contained his youthful exuberance for the last 200k he might’ve won the stage. Big props to Christian and the Garmin/Chipoltle team, they’re having a great Tour so far and being the # 1 ranked team proves it.

Bobke’s Inside Line: Saw the aero bars off your Tri bike, sell your car, buy a ticket to France and spend the next month riding the hills and valleys of Le Tuy de Dome. It is so gorgeous up here ? I promise you will not
regret it!

For a bonus Bobke story, be sure to click over to his blog – A Cursed Sailor.



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