Bobke From Rotterdam

July 3, 2010
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Hey y’all, this is Zap speaking. Just a quick FYI here about what to expect from Bobke’s Daily Quotes….who knows?!?! As I explained in my Heading Off post, Bobke’s DQ comes in whenever it is that happens to call me after each race. Although he’s usually pretty good about it, knowing exactly when he will call is often as good as a guess of yours as it is mine. Bobke is, after all, Bobke and sometimes events arise that make play putty with our schedule.

Regardless, here are some jewels from Bob spoken just before he got on his plane to Rotterdam on the day before I’d be doing the same. 

“Poppycock. Pure poppycock. “Cav Man” was doing what he does best – going for the win! That guy has sharp elbows and blood-thirsty skills, that’s what makes him so good. Sprinting is a tough deal – those AG2R guys are just a bunch of wankers! They either need to get used to it or get out of the race. How ’bout they try doing some K’s at the front like Renshaw does?! I say it was an accident. Those cry babies should check out some old film to see the likes of the Eastern Bloc guys we used to have to deal with. With them it was like gladiators and chariots!”


“As remarkable as it seems, I believe we have a bike race on our hands. Lance has regained his equilibrium in the peloton. His climbing continues to be exceptional and until now the only thing the team was worrying about was his TT skills. But, with today’s result it looks like Lance as well-rounded as ever?and you know that when Lance rides well it does terrible things to the confidence of the other riders. There were a few abject failures in the race today ? both in the same family. For Sandy Schleck to start the Tour one minute down on Lance is a disaster. On stage three if Fabian doesn’t wait to help Andy on the cobbles, Andy will be alone. It doesn’t help that everyone seems to know that he’s riding for another team next year so that is sure not to help him much either. As for the ‘Pistolero’, I think Alberto needs to listen to ‘Knocking On Heaven’s Door’  from Bob Dylan?.he can put his guns down in the ground he don’t need to shoot them anymore.”



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