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Lunch Ride Review: FLO Cycling 60 Wheels

March 25, 2013
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Now, more than ever, there are countless new players entering the carbon wheel market. FLO Cycling is one such relative newcomer, having been officially founded in 2011, but they’re already quickly developing a reputation for offering fast, efficient wheels at an affordable price. We recently received a test set of FLO 60 clinchers, and here are our first impressions.
Rather than simply building a wheel line by picking some readily available carbon rims from an Asian production catalog, FLO developed their own products using CFD (Computational Fluid Dynamics) software and a healthy amount of testing at the A2 wind tunnel. The “60” model is 60mm deep and measures 28mm wide. It sells for $898 for the set and includes quick release skewers and a 2-year manufacturer’s warranty. Custom decals are also on offer.
A proprietary aluminum rim, designed by FLO, is co-molded to a 3K carbon fiber fairing that’s also a FLO proprietary design. The wheels are manufactured in Taiwan.
Minimal hubs come standard with steel bearings. FLO offers a $100 upgrade to ceramic bearings with proceeds going to the company’s Bike For a Kid charity.
All FLO wheels come with black anodized braking surfaces. But after a few rides, the anodized surface began fading from our test wheels, leaving a bare, silver-colored track. But after a few hundred miles, braking performance has not suffered in the slightest. And these wheels are fast! They take a bit of time to get up to speed, but have already proven a TT specialty for one testrider. FLO also offers a 90mm deep wheelset, a rear disc, and is currently working on a 30mm wheel option. Due to recent high demand, FLO wheels are being sold on a pre-order program, meaning that it’s a “first come, first served” basis. So check out FLO’s website now! And look for a full test of the FLO 60 wheels in a future issue of Road Bike Action magazine! 
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