FIRST LOOK: Blaze Burner Cycling Tail Light

November 25, 2015
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(Press Release)

Blaze, a pioneering brand committed to safer urban cycling, is excited to unveil the next addition to their range of innovative visibility products – the Blaze Burner, an exceptionally innovative back light.

With Blaze’s obsessive attention to detail, the Burner has been painstakingly engineered to be the best back light on the road, yet simple to use—high performance and fuss free. It has a bank of 24 LEDs, emitting an impressive 100 lumens, with more than a 180-degree spread of red light, ensuring you can be seen from every angle.

Equipped with an onboard light sensor, the Burner is capable of operating automatically for seamlessintegrationintoyourdailycommute.B​uilttowithstandtherigorsofeverydayuse,the Burner is encased in a fully waterproof, diamond-cut aluminum housing.

“The Burner has been the result of three years of hard work, countless prototypes and rigorous testing, to create something elegantly simple. We are so proud of the Laserlight and have learned so much in its development and delivery; we wanted a back light to match it. We believe we’ve thought of everything with this light, yet obsessed to keep things uncomplicated. Concisely, it’s a no fuss, beautifully​stylish b​ack light, for every cyclist.

“Our Kickstarter backers are a big part of our company today, we are so grateful to them for getting us here! It was important to us to remember where we started, which is why we’re launching through Kickstarter to let our community be the first to get their hands on the product, and also give feedback, which we value so incredibly highly. We would love you to be a part of this very exciting journey and hope that you will help us shine a light on the Blaze Burner.”

Key Attributes of the Burner include:
●  I​ntelligent Light Sensor
●  2​4 LEDs for a safe spread of light
●  >​180 degree visibility
●  1​00 lumen output in Bright mode
●  I​nnovative magnetic snap bracket for security and ease
●  D​iamond-cut finish
●  A​luminum casing
●  Waterproof
●  Weighs 100g
●  M​onth of battery life in standard urban usage

The Burner is a​vailable now on Kickstarter ​starting at $59 and will begin shipping to backers in April 2016.

About Blaze
Founded by Emily Brooke, a physicist turned cyclist turned designer turned entrepreneur, the excitement and positive feedback that her initial concept generated inspired her to launch a company around it. Three years on and after a successful Kickstarter campaign, Blaze now has a growing team based in East London, and has raised approximately £1.5M in investment from the likes of the Branson Family and Index Ventures. ​The company’s first product, the Laserlight, employs both a high-powered LED bike light and a direct-diode laser that projects a bicycle icon 20 feet ahead of the rider, and i​s now shipping to 52 different countries around the world. It is joined by the Burner as the first products in a range of products for urban cyclists from Blaze.

Learn more about Blaze and the Laserlight at b​laze.cc.​


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