2019 Belgian Waffle Ride Recap and Results

Gravel, waffles and beer

Imagine racing 47 miles of gravel sand and rock gardens then add another 87 miles of tarmac and you’ve got the 2019 Belgian Waffle Ride course. While it’s calls itself a “ride” the start line of BWR had more talent signed up than ever before with too many standout riders for proper call up before the race rolled out.

Through the first gravel sector a lead group of 20 emerged, including defending champion Brian Mcculloch, Trek Segafredo’s Peter Stetina, Gravel World’s champion Colin Strickland and Axeon’s neo-pro Edward Anderson.

Peter Stetina and Ted King led the race early on.

As the  day wore on mechanicals, crashes and the efforts whittled the group down.  Stetina aboard his Trek Madone separated himself on the 16-17 percent grades of the final Double Peak climb. The Trek Segafredo rider solo’d the final 5 miles to the line ahead of Edward Anderson and Ted King.

Stetina earned his waffles.

Outside of the leaders, over 1700 riders participated in the grueling 134 and 78 mile courses. Thanks to the volunteers and organizers the BWR supported its largest turn out since it began 8 years ago.



1. Sarah Sturm                                        7:23:33
2. Sarah Max                                           7:35:54
3. Olivia Dillon                                         7:39:48
4. Hanna Muegge                                   7:40:16
5. Anna Grace Christensen                    7:46:59


1. Peter Stetina                                       6:20:37
2. Edward Anderson                               6:21:47
3. Ted King                                              6:22:42
4. Cameron Piper                                    6:31:51
5. Stephen Mull                                       6:34:41

Wafer top-finishers:


1. Kris Reynolds                                      4:29:02
2. Cherell Jordin                                      4:32:29
3. Alyssa Eikmeier                                   4:38:29
4. Kirsten Darley                                      4:42:04
5. Paige Handy                                        4:43:46


1. Kris Hendricks                                     3:54:57
2. Karl Bordine                                        3:59:02
3. Ryder Jordin                                        4:03:35
4. Jason Phillips                                      4:08:54
5. John Saliamonas                                4:09:39

Team winners:

1. Team Specialized x Rocket Espresso        29:36:30.514


Belgian Waffle Ride and Belgian Wafer Ride

Photos Courtesy: Belgian Waffle Ride/ Canyon and Cove



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When Mexico & Belgium Meet

Happy Cinco de Mayo from the start of the Canyon Belgian Waffle Ride with Troy Templin, Jack Nosco, Peter Stetina and Ted King among others.

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