Former Pro roadies take the men's 200

Over the past two days 2,800 cyclists ranging in age from 11 to 88 representing 48 states and 28 countries raced on the gravel of the Flint Hills surrounding Emporia, Kans. for the 2021  Garmin Unbound Gravel  presented by Craft Sportswear and produced by Life Time. With two 350-mile cyclists riding for 24-hours without sleep, the battle to the finish brought athletes into a new realm of determination.

Just a matter of inches separated Boswell from Ten Dam at the finish. Photo: 400 North Creative

After 200 miles former WorldTour riders Ian Boswell and Lauren Ten Dam had a thrilling sprint finish to decide the win after 10 hours of racing. Former Women’s winner Amity Rockwell did her best to repeat, but was denied by Lauren De Crescenzo.  Other notable finishers included former NORBA National mountain champion (1993) and current leader at IMBA, Dave Wiens who finished 4th in the 100 mile race. As always, hats-off to  all the participant of the 350 mile XL race. Crazy!

Boswell said that it was an eventful day in the pack, going so far as to call it ‘mayhem.’ “People were racing like squirrels… and typical [for me], I was the last person to make every split.” Boswell’s years of riding for Team Sky and Katusha translated into expert pack riding skills and an ability to close gaps; he knows where to be in a bike race.

200-Mile Distance Men’s Division

1st: Ian Boswell, 30, of Barnet, Vt. with a time of 10:17:23:13

2nd: Laurens Ten Dam, 40, of Oudorp, North Holland, with a time of 10:17:23:28

3rd: Peter Stetina, 33, of Santa Rosa, Calif., with a time of 10:18:34:62

4th: Ted King, 38, of Richmond, Vt., with a time of 10:18:34:65

5th: Colin Strickland, 34, of Austin, Texas, with a time of 10:25.34


200-Mile Distance Women’s Division

Despite flatting twice, this is your 2021 Women’s class winner at Unbound Gravel, Lauren De Crescenzo. Photo; 400 North Creative

1st: Lauren De Crescenzo, 30, of Atlanta, Ga. with a time of 12:06:49

2nd: Amity Rockwell, 28, of Oakland, Calif., with a time of 12:22:15

3rd: Emily Newsom, 37, of Fort Worth, Texas with a time of 12:30:52

4th: Whitney Allison, 33, of Fort Collins, Colo., with a time of 12:34:19

5th: Shayna Powless, 27, of Jacksonville, Fla., with a time of 12:37:50

100-Mile Distance Men’s Division

1st: Stephen Hyde, 34, of Easthampton, Mass. with a time of 5:20:13

2nd: Nate Maddox, 24, of Edwards, Colo. with a time of 5:27:09

3rd: John Croom, 27, of Colorado Springs, Colo., with a time of 5:34:35

4th: David Wiens, 56, of Gunnison, Colo., with a time of 5:36:33

5th: Shadd Smith, 49, of Overland Park, Kan., with a time of 5:41:22

100-Mile Distance Women’s Division

1st: Lauren Stephens, 35, of Dallas, Texas, with a time of 5:41:58

2nd: Emma Langley, 25, of Richmond, Va., with a time of 5:51:11

3rd: Jessica Cygan, 28, of Colorado Springs, Colo., with a time of 6:13:39

4th: Marisa Boaz, 34, of Waukee, Iowa, with a time of 6:16: 18

5th: Karen Jarchow, 36, of Eagle, Colo. with a time of 6:17:41

350-Mile (XL) Distance Men’s Division

1st: Taylor Lideen, 31, Phoenix, Ariz., with a time of 22:57:14

2nd: Will Loevner, 23, Allison Park, Pa., with a time of 24:32:40

3rd: Mat Stephens, 38, Dallas, Texas, with a time of 24:48:12

4th: Jay Petervary, 48, Victor, Idaho, with a time of 24:58:53

5th: Jesse Stauffer, 33, Selinsgrove, Pa., with a time of 25:00:59

Lael Wilcox and a most deserved smile after 350 miles. Photo: 400 North Creative

350-Mile (XL) Distance Women’s Division

1st: Lael Wilcox, 34, Anchorage, Alaska, with a time of 26:55:24

2nd: Amanda Nauman, 31, Lake Forest, Cali., with a time of 29:01:51

Additional XL top women have not finished as of 9:10pm CST.

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