2023 LA Tourist Race #1

Our first event of 2023, January 28

It’s that time of year when SoCal finally gets some much-needed rain, and we also prepare for the most fun “race” series to start. The LA Tourist Race is fewer rules and more fun. It’s more of an if it rolls, then race it vibe. Aero bars probably won’t help, but if you want them, Mike and the team won’t stop you from rolling into the fun. No race license, just show up on whatever bike you have and go. Race it, ride it or just be part of the before and after party, it doesn’t matter.

LA Tourist Race is celebrating its fifth year, and to celebrate, Mike, the brains behind the fun, says this first race for 2023 will be a throwback to the first race held on January 12, 2019. When looking at the map Mike supplied back then, the route was 70 miles and 9,351ft. The registration is almost sold out and has been for weeks with only a few spots left in the Full on Tourist, Female category. However, the recent rain has already scared many since the water levels will be up in ANF, so be prepared for wet feet.

The race starts on January 28 at Let’s Ride Cyclery in Burbank, Ca on Hollywood way between the Chandler bike path and Magnolia Blvd. Also about half a block from the famous Porto’s Bakery


The race is a scavenger hunt style with four checkpoints. Since you can do the stops in any order, with the only real set rule being you must start and finish at the Let’s Ride Cyclery & LA Tourist HQ in Burbank. The race starts at 8 am on Saturday, January 28th, 2023. 

We got a little sneak peek at what might be waiting for the finishers of the Full Tourist.


The checkpoints will be released a few days before the race to registered participants. When we have a route built, we will update. The best part is building route options while debating if the roads and trails you have chosen will be rideable.  Overall expect a tough yet fun experience no matter what route or category you have chosen.


It’s no surprise that Troy has chosen a bike with a Lauf Grit fork, but this year it’s the new Lauf Siegla. He is using a set of light but durable WTB CZR I23 wheels. Tires have not been chosen yet but the Kenda Booster Pro tires in size 40mm should be a good all-around choice. For gears, a SRAM AXS XPLR 1x system. There is a 40t crankset matched with a 10-44t cassette.

It will probably be warmer than it was in Iceland when we first rode the Lauf Seigla.

With so much water and the likelihood of having to shoulder the bike a lot, no frame bag this year. Temperatures will likely be in the 60s, but the shade and canyons of ANF will be in the low 40s so a jacket or Vest and arm warmers should be all we need to shed.


If you can’t make it to race #1, no worries. Race #2 redemption is on March 11th, 2023. Registration is open and only $25. For a full list of events we are excited for check out our 2023 event list here.

For more LAT info head to latouristrace.com

Lisa from KHS was dropping off some WTB and Kryptonite swag for the race finishers.

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