For 2023 Scott has embraced all the latest in aero bike science to re-create their vaunted Foil.  While the Foil has been used in races far beyond wind heavy Tour stages, in fact, let’s recall Mathew Hayman’s Paris-Roubaix win aboard a Foil back in 2016, it remains a bike designed to find the wind.


Press Release

The all-new SCOTT Foil RC leads the next evolution of aero bikes. Designed to meet the demands of WorldTour riders and amateur racers alike, this is the fastest road bike SCOTT has ever produced.

The SCOTT Foil RC has been the pinnacle of SCOTT’s road segment for many years and has won nearly everything there is to win. With the all-new SCOTT Foil RC, SCOTT has developed a bike that’s even better and built specifically to meet the demands of today’s riders.

Following an update to UCI regulations on bike design in 2021, SCOTT engineers and designers endeavored to redefine what an aero bike can be. With a focus on the bike, components and rider as a system, and working together with renowned aerodynamics specialists Drag2Zero, SCOTT took an innovative and modern approach to aero design. The result is a bike that is not only the fastest SCOTT has ever produced – boasting a 1m18 gain over 40km compared to the previous Foil – but also the lightest and most comfortable aero bike yet.

Using industry-leading F01 Airfoil Technology, the all-new Foil RC pushes UCI regulations to the limit. SCOTT’s patented offset steerer allows for fully integrated cable routing for both mechanical and electronic shifting, breaking the air as a rider powers forward. Combined with a deeper cross-section and higher crown on the fork, thinner seat tube, and chain stays angled at 10 degrees to force air into the spinning spokes, the bike incorporates meticulous aerodynamic designs that work cohesively as a complete system for significant gains whilst riding. Through intense testing, even the smallest details were considered, including hidden disc brake calipers to reduce drag and add to the bike’s overall aesthetic.

With over 300 designs tested, SCOTT engineers were able to deliver a better carbon lay-up, with a 30% reduction in the number of carbon pieces and joints used compared to the previous Foil RC. With incredible attention to the smaller details such as seat stays and seat clamp, the team shaved weight without sacrificing stiffness. The result is a frameset weighing 915g (Foil RC Ultimate) and 7.22kg for the complete bike – forming an unmatched combination of lightweight, comfort and aerodynamics that sets a new standard in lightweight aero bikes.

The all-new Foil RC features innovative new components from Syncros that are fundamental to achieving the aerodynamic gains, reduction in weight and a new focus on the comfort factor that contributes to the bike’s excelled performance. The patented new Syncros Duncan SL Aero CFT seatpost consists of two parts, with a front carbon fiber load-bearing piece that flexes when the road gets bumpy, reducing vibration felt through the saddle. The new Syncros Creston IC SL Aero handlebar has been refined in the wind tunnel to create a slimmed-down combo that slices through the wind, with improved comfort and stiffness through adaptive compliance: it offers more compliance under a light load when riding on the hoods, but stiffens up in the drops to maximize every watt. To increase comfort, the Foil RC comes with 25mm tires up front and 28mm in the rear, with frame clearance for up to 30mm tires.


Towards the rear of the frame are some of the most interesting design elements. The seatstays are dropped, not only adding additional comfort but also providing less air resistance. They are aimed in at a 10 degree angle, forcing the passing air into the spinning spokes. Through aerodynamic testing we found that this little detail provides significant gains as the bike moves forward. Lastly, with the dropped seatstays we’re able to hide the disc brake callipers not only reducing the aero drag, but also adding to an overall clean aesthetic.

Sold seperately, the Syncros Campbell 20 Aero iL Rear Light is a USB rechargable light that slots directly into the Duncan SL Aero CFT seatpost while maintaining the aerodynamic profile of the post. With its COB LED, it has 3 running modes – one steady, one for day time, and one for night time – and offers 20Lm of output for a safety ride in every conditions.

Scott Foil RC Models

The new Foil RC comes in 5 different versions: Foil RC Ultimate, Foil RC Pro, Foil RC 10, Foil RC 20 and Foil RC 30. Retail prices have not been announced yet. The Foil RC will be debuted by Team DSM during the Tour de France and Tour de France Femmes, beginning July 1st, 2022.

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