Win a 3T Exploro RaceMax

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By now most of you should know the story; Gerard Vroomen, the former co-founder of Cervelo has moved on to start his own gravel/multi-purpose friendly bike brand (Open Cycle). In addition, he’s also taken an interest with legacy Italian component brand 3T where he set about to bring the storied brand back into a place of contemporary relevance with frames and bikes added to their catalog of wheel, seatposts, stems and handlebars.

2020 marks the arrival of the latest model in the Vroomen  stable of high-performance bikes; the Exploro RaceMax. In addition to the ERM’s roll-out, it’s also become evident  that 3T has now attained the status as an official bike brand. Proof of that is the number of models offered and the somewhat confusing naming conventions found in the 3T catalog.

For either road or gravel applications,  the Italian brand offers a variety of framesets as  well as a complete range of models with multiple (1x/2x, Shimano/SRAM) drivetrain and component options. Owing to their dynamic color and shape, the 3T bikes are as attractive in their own right as well as for simply standing out in a sea of black plastic normalcy.

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