5 Mechanical Tips to keep your bike ride ready

By @JonHornbeck


Alex Laursen was kind enough to give us his top 5 basic tips to keep your bike in its best shape possible. Small up keeps such as these can keep your bike life running much longer and you out on the road which is the most important. Alex has worked with professional road teams such as Canyon Pro Cycling, Cylance Pro Cycling and now currently with KHS-Elevate Pro Cycling.


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Tip #1

Buy yourself a simple torque wrench. Check the torque on your bolts often, typically once every month. As far how tight to torque your bolts just be sure to follow the specs which are usually labeled on the part.

Tip #2

Put air in your tires every ride. you may not think you need it, but every ride you need to top off your air pressure. A good air pressure to run would be 100 psi for road bikes and 25 psi in mountain bikes. You can go up and down from there depending on comfortability. I typically like to run 5-10 psi less in the front wheel on the road bike and 2-3 psi less in the mountain bike front wheel.

Tip #3

Grease your bolts. Most people don’t even grease their bottle cage bolts and that is something everyone should be doing. Any bolt on your bike that doesn’t have lock tight on it should be greased.

Tip #4

Check your tires. Every couple weeks you should go over your tires looking for cuts and/or any type of glass or debris which may be in their. You can add a small pick to your tool collection to pick out anything which may be stuck in your tires.

Tip #5

Replace your chain. The more often you stay up on replacing your chain the less often you will have to replace other parts of your drivetrain. A good gauge would be to replace your chain around 1500 miles. If you don’t stay up on your chain your cassette will wear down with your chain and adding a new chain to a worn out cassette will not work properly.

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