9 Best Titanium Bikes of 2019

Nine bikes fighting the good fight


We compiled nine bike builder’s and brand’s titanium frames with varying purposes, geometries and price points to give anyone in moving on from the black plastic or upgrading their metal rig a place to start their research.


Alchemy Eros Alchemy is one of America’s more diverse frame shops in that they specialize in building both carbon and titanium bikes. In addition to custom builds, the stock Eros frames are available in five sizes, starting with a choice of five different build options ranging from a frame for $3495 to $10,000 with a Shimano Dura-Ace Di2 drivetrain. www.alchemybicycles.com


Merlin Extralight XLR Custom, size-specific, Reynolds, double-butted, 3/2.5, oversized titanium tubing; and oversized and fully ovalized chainstays, the Extralight XLR is handmade in the USA. The careful shaping and cold working of the Extralight’s oversized tube set results in a 45-percent increase to the titanium’s already remarkable strength characteristics, enhancing bottom bracket stiffness while delivering a smooth, comfortable ride. www.merlinbikes.com


Dean El Diente Super Lite Dean has been handcrafting titanium bikes in Boulder, Colorado, since 1989. Dean specializes in full custom builds so that your investment is everything you imagined. The El Diente SL frame includes your choice of a tapered 44mm oversized head tube, and custom-blended and rider-specific tubing all starting at $3200. www.deanbikes.com


Kona Esatto frameset Maybe one of the most affordable Ti frames on the market at $1699. The Kona Esatto Ti is sold as a frameset and produced in partnership with the Lynskey frame shop using 3/2.5 titanium. There is plenty of room for large tires, and the flat-mount disc brakes give plenty of build options in today’s market. www.konaworld.com


Haley The Haley brand was conceived by long-time industry player Ming Tan and was designed to be a road bike with race geometry, disc brakes and wider 32mm tire options. The small-batch, American-made frames are available in five sizes or in a custom geometry for no upcharge in either a raw or painted finish with an Enve or 3T paint matched fork option starting at $3999. www.haleycycles.com


Why Cycles R+ The R+ with Rival kit sells for $4649, and all frames use grade-9, 3/2.5 titanium for tubing, and 6/4 titanium for the head tube, bottom bracket shell and machined small parts. The frame has a relaxed geometry that’s ideal for those looking to ride mixed surfaces. www.whycycles.com


Mosaic RT-2 The Mosaic RT-2 represents the production run from one of America’s preeminent custom build brands. Hand-built in Boulder, Colorado, the Mosaic RT-2 uses a 3/2.5 straight-gauge titanium frame paired with an Enve Road 2.0 fork. The frames are available in nine frame sizes with custom geometries available. Frames sell for $3600, and a built-up bike with Shimano Ultegra goes for $5850. www.mosaiccycles.com


Sage PDXCX A cyclocross bike that is made for the elements and can withstand the rigors of multiple seasons. The 3/2.5 titanium tubes have exceptional corrosion resistance. Blast every nook and crevice with the power washers and this bike will thrive and shine, not wither and rust. It’s $2900 for the frame, while builds start at $6000 for Shimano 105 mechanical. www.sagetitanium.com

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