Page 8 Newsflash: Lance Armstrong Rides LA

Lance is taking his LiveStrong message to the people in a few lucky cities this year. Not by interviews, or television appearances, but by something pretty simple ? going on a ride and inviting the masses. After a successful experiment in Dublin, when Lance sent this message out on Twitter, “Good morning Dublin. Who wants to ride this afternoon? I do. 5:30 pm @ the roundabout of Fountain Rd and Chesterfield Ave. See you there..”

And the crowds appeared. Lance commented after the ride: “Thanks Dublin!! What a great park and a cool ride w/ all of you. I heard a 1000+ came out. I’m speechless. Gotta love a good bike ride!!

Then on September 7th came this call to action “And hey LA, we riding? Dublin set the bar pretty high.”

Yesterday afternoon, the invitation went out: “Hey LA – get out of your cars and get on your bikes. Time to ride. 7:30 tomorrow am. Griffith Park, LA Zoo parking lot. See you there..

Like Dublin, there was a mad scramble of email and more twitters. The RBA crew got up early and made our way to Griffith Park to take part in the ride with Lance. There are few, if any, athletes who would invite an entire city out for a ride, or a game of golf, or a pick up game of basketball. Kudos to Lance for allowing the average cyclist the opportunity to ride with one of the greatest athletes of all time. News crews convered, a helicopter was flying overhead and 750-1000 cyclists of all shapes and sizes showed up for a great morning ride in Los Angeles.

And then came a note from Lance to his almost 2-million followers on Twitter after the ride….. “Great ride in Griffith Park. Thanks, LA! And thanks to the LAPD for the help. Off to Montreal. . .

Lance rolls out to start the ride this morning in Los Angeles

Lance (middle) talks to fans on the ride.

Things got more strung out once we got to the climb.

Lance took time after the ride to sign autographs and chat with the riders.

Is your city next?

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