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Roy Knickman is a name many of you might not be familiar with. However, despite not being as well known as the likes of former teammates Davis Phinney and Bob Roll, Knickman’s presence in the annals of American racing still looms large. Following his early days barnstorming through Europe with his Slurpee teammates, Roy returned to America to help lead the powerful Coors Light and Mercury cycling teams.

After a ten year Pro career,  Roy took on a new roll as a coach for Junior riders, before coming back for one last three year stint as a racer. In a word, Roy Knickman has given his life to cycling.

Right now Roy has put everything aside as he fights for his 14 year old son Andreas who is suffering from a severe battle with cancer. Any SoCal cyclist who can get away for a great ride on November 3 should definitely get hooked up with the charity ride being planned. We know that there are numerous good causes that deserve our attention, but this is one that hits close to home for anyone who pedals a bike. Please read the following and do whatever you can to help out Andreas Knickman.

Dear Knickman friends,

As you all know, Andreas went in for his six-month checkup and discovered that his cancer has returned. This recurrence is significantly more threatening than last time and has already proven much more challenging.

The situation is emotionally devastating for the Knickmans, and it is a financial drain as well. Medical and everyday expenses skyrocket when you’re in this battle. In addition, the demands of Andreas’ treatment schedule have required that Roy miss work to help meet the needs of his family. Having to worry about financial demands when you are fighting for your child’s life is overwhelming to say the least, and Roy and Deb are doing a tremendous job trying to juggle Andreas’ care and their obligations at home.

Many of you have asked how you can offer more tangible support. In addition to your love and prayers, two fundraising opportunities are now available to help alleviate some of the burden. First, Jack Nosco is hosting a bike ride in the Santa Monica Mountains with all proceeds benefiting the Knickmans. The ride takes place on November 3rd at 9:00 a.m. starting in Newbury Park. Further details can be found at:

www.facebook.com/#!/event.php?eid=124335444281843 or www.mikenosco.com.  

Second, the Talbert Family Foundation has set up a fund on Andreas’ behalf. The Foundation provides financial support to families who are dealing with catastrophic illnesses, and 100% of the funds they receive will be donated to the Knickmans to assist with Andreas’ medical care. Simply go to Andreas’ page on the Foundation website:


You can download a form and mail in a check, or donate immediately via credit card (be sure to enter Andreas’ name where it says ‘What fund are you donating to?’).

Donations for both fundraisers are tax deductible, and every little bit helps?even $7 will cover a day of parking at Children’s Hospital. It may not sound like much, but collectively it can have a huge impact on Roy and Deb’s peace of mind and help them focus on the task at hand.

This is a trying time for the Knickman family, and your words of support, love, and encouragement have buoyed them more than you know. They are blessed to have you in their lives.

Shelley Barnes, Knickman family friend

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