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Hello Friends,

As we wrap 2020: a year of struggle, unrest, and uncertainty, it is time to reflect on the lessons, growth and evolution we are going through. As a human race and as individuals we have experienced devastating pain this year. As an athlete, I continue to draw on my trail experiences to help guide me during challenges. Rich Roll once asked me, “what is your relationship with pain?” and my response: “pain is my teacher.” It is through hardship and struggle that we strengthen, evolve and grow. This year, my evolution involved embracing stillness and leaning into one of my navigational handrails of “Less = More” with less travel, less movement and more personal, internal development. What is essential and important to me has become more crystalized.

Rusch Ventures, Rebecca’s Private Idaho and Be Good Foundation have also evolved this year in meaningful and rewarding ways. Through a revised and hybrid format, RPI and Giddy Up Challenge were able to reach, educate and inspire people in 11 countries around the world. I’m proud of that effort because our physical health is directly related to our mental health. Being a catalyst for others to heal and grow through sport is by far my most important work. The Be Good Foundation also made meaningful impact in grants and fundraising efforts focused on Covid relief, increasing diversity in cycling, expanding access to cycling for more people and continuing to clear bombs along the Ho Chi Minh Trail in Laos. I know many people want to just forget the pain of 2020. Instead, I suggest you open embrace the pain of 2020 and use the hardship as your teacher. Use the lessons and the struggle to develop your resilience, then transfer that new found strength to Be Good efforts for yourself and your community. Let’s do this together. I’m looking forward to more evolution and impact with you!

Be Good,  Rebecca


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