People are discovering ways to decrease their carbon footprint and finding practical alternatives to minimize fuel consumption. And since then, people found cargo electric bikes to be the perfect alternative to cars. Cargo electric bike has enough space and payload capacity to accommodate more than one passenger and a heavy load of goods. It has made lives convenient, as it helps people pick up and drop their kids at school without the hassle of getting stuck in traffic jams at peak hours, and also provides an opportunity to start a small-scale delivery business. With these benefits, the popularity and demand for cargo electric bikes have increased in the market.

Many people want to know the best cargo electric bike available in the market. The Addmotor, as always, is at the frontline in selling the best quality cargo electric bike. The Addmotor M-81 cargo electric bicycle is one of the top-selling cargo electric bikes, as it is the perfect combination of power and versatility. So let’s see what makes the M-81 Addmotor electric bike one of the best-selling electric cargo bikes available in the market.

Specifications of Addmotor Garatoon M-81 cargo electric bike

  • 750-watt rear brushless gear motor
  • 105+ miles per charge range
  • 350 lbs payload capacity
  • 20 Ah EB 2.0 Samsung battery
  • 7 levels pedal assist with speed sensor
  • Half-twist throttle with power cut-off switch
  • Step through frame design
  • Hydraulic disc brake
  • 4-inch fat tires
  • Integrated rear rack 


Addmotor Garatoon M-81 cargo electric bike is equipped with a powerful 48V*750-watt rear gear electric motor. The 750-watt powerful electric motor allows an effortless and smooth riding experience even when carrying a heavy load. The rear hub motor of the M-81 electric bicycle allows great acceleration and fast speed even while accommodating more than one passenger. The updated EB 2.0 electric motor has an inner ring that is heat resistant, provides better heat dissipation performance, and doesn’t produce any noise like traditional motorbikes.


The battery of an electric bicycle plays a crucial role in its efficient functioning. The M-81 Addmotor electric bike has a high capacity 20 Ah Samsung lithium-ion battery. The high-capacity lithium-ion battery provides a long range of 105+ miles on a single charge. The long-range allows the families to enjoy the long commute for a mini vacation or weekend getaway and also benefits the delivery riders to drop the parcels at distant locations without worrying about recharging the electric bicycle. With high charging capacity, the battery of the M-81 cargo electric bike also provides a high max discharge current which releases more power so that the Addmotor electric bike moves effortlessly under heavy load.


Since a cargo electric bike has to bear a heavy load, the frame of the electric bicycle should be sturdy and durable. The M-81 Addmotor electric bike has an aluminum alloy polygon frame, which is durable and sturdy enough to carry 350 lbs payload capacity. Not to forget the lower step-through frame design for the riders to easily get on and off the electric bicycle. It is convenient for people who use cargo electric bikes for delivering food and goods and frequently have to get on and off the electric bicycle. The lower step-through frame of the Addmotor electric bike allows them to do so conveniently hence preventing them from injuries.

Fat tires

The Addmotor M-81 cargo electric bike has Kenda 4-inch stab-resistant wide tires. The wide tires allow you to travel on all kinds of terrains and also withstand the weight of heavy loads. The glue tread patterns resist flat tires while riding the electric bicycle on rough terrains while traveling for vacation with the kids. The Addmotor 4-inch wide tires are durable to withstand the load and ride rough terrains without wear and tear.    

Integrated rear rack

The best part of the M-81 cargo electric bike is that it comes with a long integrated rear rack providing enough space to carry the load. You can easily make your kids sit on the rear rack by attaching a child seat post and pick up and drop them to school or travel around the city. The integrated rear rack of the M-81 Addmotor electric bike allows you to travel with your pets and take them along everywhere. You can carry loads of groceries, food delivery bags, or any load on a long-tail rear rack, as it provides enough space and accommodates any load.

If we talk about the versatility of the Addmotor M-81 cargo electric bike, it can be used for various purposes and molded according to your lifestyle.

Daily commuting

Using a car for daily commuting, such as picking up and dropping the kids at school, seems to be a hassle. Getting stuck in traffic at peak hours and the continuous fuel consumption by cars at times when the fuel prices are on a surge, a cargo electric bike may be a better option to consider. The long-tail rear rack of the M-81 Addmotor electric bike can accommodate more than one kid. You can easily pick up and drop your kids at school on time without getting late due to traffic.

Delivering goods

It is not necessary to have a delivery van or truck for cargo delivery. Now you can start your small-scale delivery business using a cargo electric bike. You can carry the stuff on the rear rack and deliver food or mail across the town. With M-81 Addmotor electric bike, you won’t have to worry about the distance you can cover to deliver goods on a single charge as it has a long range of 150+ miles per charge. You can deliver warm food on time by skipping the long queues of cars during a traffic jam and get a five-star rating from the customer.  

Leisure activities

Now you can easily make spontaneous plans for mini vacations or picnics without worrying about transportation. On M-81 cargo electric bike, you can travel around the city or on the outskirts with your kids and enjoy a relaxing time. While carrying your kids and some picnic stuff, you can ride your electric bicycle smoothly on hills or rough terrains on your way as the M-81 Addmotor electric bike is equipped with fat tires and a powerful electric motor.

Cargo electric bike has made transportation very convenient and hassle-free. You can enjoy the benefits of a cargo electric bike by making the right choice. You can never go wrong with the M-81 Addmotor electric bike, which you now know is the perfect combination of power and versatility.





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