All 2020 Trek Road Bikes Only Available with Compact Chainrings

Only the small stuff offered for the road

Trek’s Big Step

Trek was the one of the first major manufacturers to move away from standard chainrings in favor compact cranks in 2019 and they have doubled down on their 2020 road bike line-up (excluding time trial bikes). The change marks a shift in the industry, towards using gears that are accessible by most cyclists, as the standard for production models. Trek’s bikes will be spec’d with a 50×34 chainring combo on Shimano builds or 46×33 chainrings with SRAM AXS components. Riders with the 50×11 or 46×10 will be in the small tooth and big chainring more often, but will also have the option of lower gears that weren’t usually available on stock bikes in the past.

When the Emonda ALR and Madone SLR  both arrived at our offices with compact cranksets, we were a bit surprised, however when out for testing, our riders never caught themselves spinning out in unexpected situations. We’re a bit torn about the change, as we see it bringing more people into the cycling community with the do-it-all gearing, but restricting cyclists that want to focus on the top-tier performance aspect of the sport.

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Compact Ultegra R8070 Drivetrain

Trek Emonda ALR Disc


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