Amateur’s and Professional’s Will Head to Big Bear for HC Challenge

With the recent downturn in amateur bicycle races events such as the Tour de Big Bear have take it upon themselves to provide a proper event for amateur’s and pro’s to come compete at together while being hosted like a VIP. The HC Challenge takes place during the Tour de Big Bear where only 200 spots are availble for riders who wish to take on the challenge and rub shoulder’s with the pro’s.

Confirmed riders for the HC Challenge already are Phil Gaimon, Alison Tetrick, Freddy Rogriguez, Jon Hornbeck and many more. Big Bear has been doing a great job to give back to the cycling community with events such as these and the recent successful Tour of California time trial stage just recently held.

The 2017 Tour de Big Bear HC Gran Fondo includes both competitive and non-competitive divisions.  All entries will include:

  • Limited field of participants
  • HC VIP Check-In
  • Exclusive HC Lounge before and after event
    • Pre-event breakfast
    • Post-event “Taste of Tour de Big Bear”
    • Two beer coupons and a commemorative HC Gran Fondo event glass
  • HC start class
  • TT style HC number plate
  • CHP/Moto escort lead out
  • Exclusive commemorative HC Gran Fondo jersey and ride socks
  • Tour de Big Bear HC performance shirt
  • HC finishers medal
  • Ride photos
  • Moto Escort with dedicated HC SAG Vehicles
  • SRAM neutral support
  • Water bottle exchange at designated HC EXPRESS Aid Stations
  • HC KOM/QOM climbs for time (2)
  • HC KOM/QOM points (4)
  • Men’s/Women’s divisions
  • Podium prizes for HC winners
  • Top finishers will receive HC Gran Fondo bib shorts

If the Tour de Big Bear HC Gran Fondo event is a little more than you’d like to tackle, or you have friends or family members who would like to join in the fun that day, check out the traditional Tour de Big Bear event.

Tour de Big Bear offers ride distances of 107, 70, 50 or 25 mile stages while still enjoying the mountain top scenery of Big Bear Lake. Plus you’ll enjoy the world-class aid stations (can you say ribs, bacon and chocolate?) that only the Tour de Big Bear has to offer! For more details visit  There’s something for everyone in Big Bear!

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