PR Lotion meets sports nutrition

Amp Human, a human performance company and creators of PR Lotion today announced a merger with Momentous, a performance nutrition company dedicated to creating products that support the relentless pursuit of progress in human health and performance. Moving forward, both companies and future product launches will live under the Momentous brand name.

Amp Human is a leading human performance company that has built a loyal following of athletes and fitness enthusiasts over the past several years with its flagship product PR Lotion. PR Lotion unlocks the game-changing performance and recovery benefits of bicarb, allowing athletes to train harder and recover faster. Momentous has built a best-in-class product line with adoption at the highest level of sport, putting the company in a unique position to convert the dedicated fitness consumer to their premium and authentic brand.

Both venture-backed companies are focused on being at the forefront of human performance, dedicated to best-in-class products, and building personalized approaches for athletes over time. Combined, there is an accelerated product portfolio to advance the vision of a personalized high-performance system even further.

“This merger marks a pivotal moment in the future of human performance,” said Amp Human Co-Founder & CEO Jeff Byers. “Both Amp Human and Momentous have proven an ability to win at the top of sport, with incredible access and traction through best in class products. Our vision to build a human performance company that better serves the needs of athletes in a personalized system will be stronger together, we can’t wait to serve our customers’ needs in an unrivaled way.”

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“The journey so far with Momentous has been incredible, but the partnership with Amp Human has the potential to create a step-change in our growth. Together we are positioned to build the future of personalized human performance for athletes at all levels,” said Momentous Founder & CEO, Matt Wan, who will be stepping into the role of Chief Product Officer as a result of the merger. “I am thrilled to be leading product innovation moving forward in the joint company as this is where my true passion lies. It was clear from my first meetings with the Amp team that we had a shared vision for the space and a desire to look at all aspects of human performance, not just sports nutrition, to serve the full needs of consumers with a unique system-based approach.”

The combined company is already working on 10 new product innovations due to launch in 2021. Both Amp Human and Momentous share a core consumer within the running, cycling, triathlon and functional fitness communities, boasting unprecedented access at the highest level, with a combined sell into 200+ professional and D1 college athletic teams, making this merger a natural fit. Both companies have attracted an impressive list of athlete investors including climbing superstar Alex Honnold, renowned adventure photographer Jimmy Chin, Tour de France champion Geraint Thomas and NFL star defensive lineman Ndamukong Suh. The merger will also allow for acceleration within product innovation efforts with the US military, where Amp Human has won $1.6M in government innovation awards to date.

Momentous supplements are best-in-class and made with the highest quality, research-backed ingredients that are sustainably sourced. Momentous’ core product range is available now and they are offering 15% off their product line for a limited time only. Use MOMENTOUS15 at checkout.

About Amp Human:

Based in Park City, UT, Amp Human is a human performance company dedicated to helping athletes at all levels achieve their limitless potential. Its flagship product PR Lotion unlocks the natural electrolyte bicarb to neutralize pH in the muscle during exercise, allowing athletes to train harder, perform stronger and recover faster. PR Lotion is used by teams and athletes across the NHL, NFL, and NBA. It is the training product of choice for Ironman Champions, Tour de France Winners and Olympians.

About Momentous:

Momentous is a performance nutrition company founded in Jackson Hole, WY. Their mission is to empower the relentless pursuit of progress in athlete health and performance. They are the first and only supplement brand to build formulas directly with experts from each of the four Major Leagues, launching in 2018 with a line of products designed by performance directors and dietitians from the NFL, NBA, NHL, and MLB.

All Momentous products are NSF Certified for Sport® and have quickly become a preferred choice for thousands of professional and collegiate athletes at teams throughout the NBA, NFL, MLB, NHL, and NCAA.

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