Olympic Meltdown: Philly Dreams, Beijing Reality

As I was watching the Olympic Road Race today, I kept thinking of Philadelphia and it’s long-time relationship with muggy, East Coast heat. In past we’d had two types of races In Philly: cool temperature races that equaled field sprint; and hot muggy ones that finished like a mountain stage ? riders dripping in in […]

FLASH: Spain’s Sanchez Wins Olympic Road Race

Spanish rider Samuel S nchez won the Olympic Road Race today in Badaling, China. Sanchez took the Gold Medal, beating Italian Davide Rebellin and Swiss riderFabian Cancellara who took the silver and bronze medals respectively. Mens Olympic Road Race Unofficial Results: 245km / 6h23’49”1. Samuel S nchez (Spain)2. Davide Rebellin (Italy)3. Fabian Cancellara (Switzerland)4. Alexandr Kolobnev (Russia)5. […]

Tacx I-magic Fortius VR Trainer

The I-magic Fortius VR Trainer is designed to bring the road experience indoors. A motor brake simulates climbing and descending, while virtual wind speed and direction allow for virtual drafting and wind resistant simulation. The I-magic links to a computer and allows one to choose from computer animated images, graphical training information or cycling interactivity […]

Italian Sella Positive For Cera In Out Of Competition Test

Italian Emmanuele Sella of Team CSF-Navigare has been found positive for Cera, the long-lasting third generation Epo in an out of competition test by the UCI. Sella was winner of three stages and the Maglia Verde of Best Climber in the recent Giro d’Italia. When he learned of fellow Italian Riccardo Ricco’s positive for Cera […]

Nuun Hydration Tablets

Unlike other sports drinks nuun contains no carbohydrates or sugars. What nuun does contain is a balance of critical electrolytes that helps the body to maintain activity, hydrate quicker and aids in recovery. Nuun does this by producing a hypotonic solution so that your body will absorb the water and electrolytes faster than the leading […]