Do you want to be faster and have the ability to dig deeper?

A new formula makes PR Lotion even better but can using a lotion make you faster?

By Troy Templin

When it comes to performance most riders will go to extreme lengths for very small advantages. Bike upgrades, shoes, helmets and new kit materials only scratch the surface of where we as cyclist spend our hard-earned cash. Well, one of my favorite products is getting an upgrade and I can’t wait. Amp Human has gone through some name changes as the company was in search of the best way to market their unique product. It seems it’s once again getting a new name but this time it’s because the product is getting an improved formula.


The new formula call Next Gen PR Lotion is promised to improve the application process while maintaining and protecting the underlying technology. But let’s step back a moment and review what the original PR Lotion also known as Topical Edge (originally) is and does. PR Lotion is a proprietary pre-workout lotion that gives your body more bicarb, a natural electrolyte. This allows you to push your limits over the normal perceived limit. Bicarb occurs naturally in our bodies and its role unlike other electrolytes is to neutralize the acid that builds up in our muscles when we ride hard. Applying PR Lotion before and even after a ride is designed to aid in the body’s ability to recover faster and perform better.


What are the drawbacks you might ask? Well because you are applying the lotion directly to the active muscles it has very little negative effect. For some, salty sweat can burn if you get it in your eyes but this is no different than the body’s natural process and we are usually pretty salty even when we don’t use it. The other drawbacks have all been with the application process.

The original PR Lotion is a sort of dark mustard color and has a thick oily texture. It goes on easy but can be hard to get the slippery feeling off your hands without a thorough wash. This is where AMP Human has been putting much of their recent efforts because they know that a product is only as strong as its weakest link. For me, the color was never an issue but the application was a process but worth the results. For some, that process was not worth it all the time but the new formula is said to change it all.


The new Next Gen PR Lotion will work the same way as the original by applying it directly to the skin above the dominant muscles. Gone is the dark mustard color and goopy feel. It now has a more concentrated feel that leaves less residue and is a cream color. There is a neutral scent and overall it seems that much of the application process has been improved.


It still has a 30-minute loading phase like the old formula. This loading phase is important because one of their pro tips is to double up for the most effective results. Essentially about an hour and a half before your workout or race you apply. Give it 30-minutes then clean off the skin of any residue for a clean canvas. Then just repeat by applying it again and letting it absorb for 30-minutes. You can then wipe off the residue or just leave it and go ride. This prosses is valid for the original PR Ltion or the new formula.

Currently AMP Human is still testing the effective duration of their lotion but they say it’s between three and five hours. So the second tip is if you are doing a very long training session or race, purchase some of the On-The-Go packets and reapply. The On-The-Go packets are very convenient and can fit in a saddlebag, jersey pocket or a drop bag on long events.


If you want to try it right now then you can head to and purchase the original PR Lotion. But if you want the new Next Gen formula they have launched a Kickstarter where you can pre-order. The price will be the same for the new formula as the original at 5 ON-THE-GO PACKETS for $20 or the STANDARD TUBE for $35. They also offer packaged deals that will get you even better pricing.

Click on the link to pre-order the new Next Gen PR Lotion from AMP Human.

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