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Custom bikes are something that many of us can only dream of. However, custom gravel is next level and Argonaut Cycles is dishing out a new custom gravel bike that has been three years in the making. This small-batch, fully custom brand out of Bend, Oregon, has been building frames since 2007. Since 2012, carbon has been their main focus because of the endless options that carbon offers.

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After three years of design, testing, and research Argonaut is releasing the rowdy GR3, a next-gen custom carbon gravel bike. GravelFirst Geometry allows Argonaut, once again, to set a new standard in customization, ride quality, and craftsmanship.

Argonaut Cycles continues to push the envelope of what is possible with carbon fiber in the Release of the GR3 (Gravel Racer Three). At the core of the GR3 is the GravelFirst geometry. Road bike geometry hasn’t changed much in 20 years. Cross bike geometry hasn’t changed much in the last 15 years. Gravel geometry has changed a lot in the last five years and often in divergent ways. The first gravel bikes were basically cross bikes with disc brakes and tubeless tires, as are many current gravel bikes for that matter.


Born from the desire to specifically address the needs of the modern gravel cyclist, the GR3 is a major leap forward in gravel bike design, addressing everything found on a typical “gravel” ride: a bit of road, a bit of smooth gravel, a bit of NOT smooth gravel, and a bit of single track. Ample tire clearance allows one to run up to a 50c tire, but with an industry-best, 415mm long chainstay the bike jumps at every pedal stroke and carves through every turn. The low, 75mm bottom bracket drop, and slack 68.5º front end allows you to fly downhill, skip over ruts and rip through corners faster than you ever thought possible. A PR smashing machine, the Argonaut GR3.

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The core element separating an Argonaut bike from any other bike is their ability to custom make and tune every bike to address the physiology, ride style and preferred terrain. Every tube, head tube, bottom bracket, seat cluster are layed up by hand, specifically addressing the needs of the customer. Every customer gets a custom carbon layup pattern, delivering unique ride quality through the refinement of torsional stiffness and vertical compliance. Custom bikes enable riders to reach their maximum potential by addressing their needs at the onset of the process. Argonaut bikes enable riders to feel better and ride longer.

“For years, I struggled to keep up on the downhills. Then I got my GR3. From that first day, I started clocking PR’s on my local routes and even getting QOM’s at some of the biggest races in the country.” Sarah Max Argonaut Pro Rider & BWR Asheville Champion


The GR3 is meant to go fast. Professional gravel racing is the ultimate testing ground due to the power, speeds, duration and harsh conditions found only on race day. Victories at the biggest races, as well as podiums across the country don’t lie, the GR3 is proven. After 1,000 miles of racing, Argonaut riders consistently raced against the best, proving that their US-made bikes are every bit as good, if not better than some of the bikes made by the world’s biggest manufacturers. Argonaut is proud of this fact and team rider Sarah Max can attest to the GR3’s capabilities that helped her not only win the Belgian Waffle Ride for pro-women, but also enhanced her descending abilities to the point where she has seen multiple podiums atop her GR3 and racked up numerous QOM’s for downhill segments!

Pricing for the Argonaut GR3 begins at $6,500 for the frame set. The current build time is four months from the order date.

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