Basso Celebrates An Anniversary

You know the brands that came out of the garages… Some dazzled our eyes with all its simplicity; some made it easier with the innovation they had and others were quite successful even before they had responded to the needs they were not aware of yet. So, what are the common features of all these brands? Our answer to this question consists of a single word: Passion!

When Alcide built his first bicycle in 1977 in his father’s garage, ‘’Basso’’ was only his family name. However, he was already aware of the DNA he carried and got the ultimate inspiration and motivation from his brother, Marino Basso, who won the World Cycling Championship in 1972. As time went by, manufacturing bicycles with different materials such as aluminum, steel and carbon fibers with a Basso logo on them kept the soul and identity, this continued to remain the same and was protected by the core values that were born out of that garage, in Veneto, Italy.

At the end of 40 years, Basso, are an outstanding brand who are immensely proud of their bicycles. Even though they are not located in a garage anymore, they still do the entire production in-house. As such, we changed the location but not the domain and are still gladly manufacturing in Italy. With all the passion and manufacturing traditions we have, Basso is glad to present something special for our loyal riders and cycling fans from all around the world:

Basso Diamante 40th Year Anniversary Edition  (1977 – 2017)

The inspiration of the design for this bicycle comes from the 1982 GAP model. They adapted it to today’s trends, blended with the technology of Diamante which is famous with its all-round bicycle characteristics. You will notice the use of the small logos and details on particular parts of the frame such as seat stays and fork crown. The weight of the frame is 780gr without the special chrome paint on it. There will only be 400 pieces of this frame, and all the lucky owners of it will get a certification, which includes the wet signature of Alcide Basso. Don’t let the delicate appearance it has alter they way you ride one of these rare frames ride it as hard as you can, it’s a Basso.

Basso 40th_press_def-2

Also check out the May 2017 issue of Road Bike Action for a review of the Basso Diamante SV on page 56.

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