The Belgian Waffle Ride in Cedar City, Utah was the latest off-road race for our resident gravel traveler John Perry. So far this season his race schedule includes:  Unbound  Gravel,  SBT Gravel , and  a host of smaller gravel events in Colorado and New Mexico. And now  with BWR  Utah in the rear-view-mirror he’s gearing up for the LifeTime Grand Prix finale in Bentonville, Arkansas on a new RBA project bike.

In the midst of his racing and pre-riding duties in Utah, JP was kind enough to snap off a few photos of  a handful of BWR gravel bikes.


Always his own man, former road pro TJ Eisenhart  opted for some  flat bars  on his Santa Cruz  Stigmata with sweet psychedelic Enve rim graphics.


Thankfully, more gravel and Gran Fondo events are beginning to allow e-bike participation which this Canyon would be right at home in.


It’s always good to see the Hyland’s crew out in full force.


The Ventum GS1 is an increasingly popular gravel bike at the races. Production bikes start at $4199 and are available with a wide choice of drivetrain options.


Rodeo Labs is a  fun-loving Colorado mountain brand that, in addition to their carbon gravel bikes, has made a name with their steel and titanium Flaanimal frames that start  at $1500.  This gray beauty was sporting a Campagnolo  1×13 Ekar drivetrain.


The American made Allied Able is unique owing to its elevated driveside chainstay. Available in five sizes and with the new Powershift drivetrain from Classified.


Born in the cornfields of Iowa, the Dimond Carbide is a new name to the gravel game. The frameset sells for $4400.


Tinker Juarez (c) is  both an American cycling  legend and treasure.


This happy camper was stoked to finish and it was the second time we’ve seen one of these aquarium-type water bottles….


…with the first being this same version spotted at Unbound Gravel. Having am ample supply of water is always a good idea, but we’re not sure how the weight of so much water would affect the bike’s handling.

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