Bike-Friendly Apps: Discovering the Best Apps for Cyclists, from Training to Route Planning

Cycling and technology go hand in hand these days. That’s why we’ve curated a list of 8 cycling apps that can make your ride more enjoyable, whether you’re planning your route, tracking your training, or analyzing your data. These apps work on both iOS and Android devices and can remind you to eat or even let you know when it’s time to change your bike chain. They’re so useful that you’ll want to make room for them on your home screen – somewhere between Tinder and AccuWeather. Keep reading to discover which ones are perfect for workouts and just outings for cyclists.

#1 Komoot

If you’re an outdoor enthusiast, the Komoot GPS tracking app is the perfect tool for planning your next adventure. Whether you’re a mountain biker, road cyclist, or hiker, it’s the key to unlocking the great outdoors. Even if you’re in an area without an internet connection, the app offers turn-by-turn voice navigation to guide you through your journey. You’ll also be able to discover points of interest along the way and share your own favorite spots with the Komoot community. Best of all, the app will sync your data across all your devices, including Android Wear, Wahoo ELEMNT/ELEMNT BOLT, and the C. So why wait? Start planning your next big adventure with Komoot now.

#2 Citymapper

Discover Citymapper – a navigation app that caters to both urban dwellers and bike enthusiasts. With features allowing cyclists to choose between faster, quieter, or regular cycle routes, and view nearby cycle hire options, this app is perfect for those who prefer to pedal their way around the city. Plus, it now offers turn-by-turn navigation specifically geared toward cyclists.

Are you worried that apps that track you and your route might be dangerous? What if you download a fake or your data is intercepted? You must have virus protection and a VPN. Just does VPN stop viruses and other malicious code? Not all services are capable of this, only the most technologically advanced, like VeePN. With this VPN protector, you can protect yourself from 95% of all modern viruses. For this reason, a VPN is the perfect investment for security and peace of mind.

#3 TrainingPeaks

TrainingPeaks is the go-to platform for tracking athlete performance. Whether you’re a coach inputting workouts or self-coached, you can easily use the platform. Plus, you can buy training plans or find a coach directly. The app is a helpful add-on to the desktop version – allowing you to access your training schedule, review coach comments, and add your own. For free, you can upload workouts, set goals, add events, and receive daily workout reminders. If you need more in-depth analysis or want to schedule future activities, consider upgrading to the Premium version.

#4 Cyclemaps

Cyclemaps filter through various mapping sources to extract the most relevant information, presenting a variety of speed and safety options for A-to-B routes, as well as routes with multiple stops. Get useful and reliable guidance for your cycling adventures with Cyclemaps.

#5 Flare

Flare is a safety cycling app that’s completely free and packed with essential features to keep you safe on the roads. With incident prevention, incident detection, and easy near-miss reporting, Flare helps other users know their location and stay alert while they ride. Most importantly, if you’re ever in trouble and don’t respond within 30 seconds, Flare will immediately send your location to your emergency contacts.

#6 Strava

Find out why most riders choose to use a separate GPS computer to record and upload their rides instead of solely relying on Strava’s mobile app. With Strava, you’ll receive automatic rankings of your times on popular stretches of road and trail (called ‘segments’) alongside a detailed GPS map of your ride. Plus, you can use real-time tracking on popular segments and see how your friends are doing. This feature works on smartphones as well as newer Garmin Edge and Wahoo computers.

#7 Wahoo Fitness

The Wahoo Fitness app is highly compatible with other Bluetooth sensors, such as heart-rate monitors, speed sensors, and power meters like Stages. It even allows you to pair with ANT+ sensors with a Wahoo Key plugin. Unlike other companies, Wahoo Fitness uploads your data to popular sites like Strava, MapMyFitness, TrainingPeaks, and MyFitnessPal. You can also choose to receive your data in five different file formats via email or Dropbox. For data enthusiasts, the app offers customizable pages with information on speed, power, heart rate, and more. Additionally, there’s a GPS map feature, but it can drain your battery quickly.

#8 Trailforks

Imagine this scenario – you’re out riding on a new trail network for a couple of hours on a hot day and you come to a fork in the trail. You’re not entirely sure of your location despite having clicked a picture of the trail map near the car park. You make a decision and take a left turn, but it leads you deeper into the forest. Now, you’re somewhat lost and you attempt to backtrack your way home. But, don’t worry – Trailforks has got your back.

With Trailforks, you can access more than 161,000 trails worldwide with the help of crowd-sourced information. The app includes condition reports, live tracking, and even points of interest like bike shops to help you get back on track if you need a new tube or some other assistance.


From GPS tracking to route guidance and safety features – there’s an app for all your cycling needs. No matter what type of cyclist you are, these eight apps will help you get the most out of your adventures. With Trailforks helping you find bike shops if you’re lost, Flare offering emergency response services, there are tons of route options, including in the mountains. In general, there are applications for all occasions.

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