The six models of the Grizl will be available in seven sizes (2XS – 2XL) and priced from $2,199 to $4,899. Thankfully, the six bike line enjoys nary a single black-on-black color treatment and we are instead treated to a variety of finishes that are model specific. (see them all here)

As opposed to the Grail which preceded the Grizl by three years, Canyon says the new bike is intended for more hardcore off-road riding. Alas, to better describe the bike’s intended use, Canyon saw fit to create a new category of dual-purpose riding by describing the Grizl’s real purpose…verbiage they picked up from the “cool kids” called “underbiking”?!

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GR CF SL 6: $ 2,199.00
GR CF SL 7: $ 2,499.00
GR CF SL 7 1x: $ 2,599.00
GR CF SL 8: $ 2,999.00
GR CF SLX 8 Di2: $ 4,899.00
GR CF SL WMN 6: $ 2,199.00

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