Bike of the Week: Colnago C64


From the basement factory located below Ernesto Colnago’s home in Cambiago, Italy, each C64 frame is carefully constructed by hand to ensure the decades-old legacy of quality that has made the Colnago brand one of the most respected and race-proven.

The C64 is an iconic bike representing Ernesto’s 64 years of dedicated and tireless innovation. The attention to detail is among the best in the frame industry. Although our C64 ran with rim brakes, we’re told that 70 percent of the C64s sold are with disc brakes.

The C64 is a head-turner for anyone that is a true road fanatic, even with our subtle white, silver and raw finish. The bold graphic is iconic, and the painted carbon lugs perfectly contrast the raw tubes. As expected, the ride quality is very race-oriented with a stiff bottom bracket matched to the asymmetric chainstays and large downtube. This combination drives the energy to the rear wheel. The fork on our rim brake version is stiff, and even with the recessed compliance shaping offers plenty of road feedback.

The handling is responsive and at speed demands the rider’s attention and confidence. This is not overwhelming but definitely requires attentiveness and focus. The rear end is stiff, and even with the new D-shaped seatpost there is little forgiveness or flex. This is left to the seatstays that taper and change shape as they mate to the dropout lug. 

With 14 stock sizes, as well as full custom, there is one that will fit nearly everyone with little compromise. At more than $6000 for a frameset, you are getting a piece of cycling history. For most of us it’s only a dream, but there is no doubt that this is a thoroughbred Italian race bike.

Price: $6500 (frameset)

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