It means True Grit

The Icelandic brand Lauf has released their third gravel bike, Seigla. In Icelandic, Seigla means “true grit” and the new bike is the next evolution of the original gravel bike (True Grit) that really put Lauf on the map. We were told that the Seigla was the combination of findings while working on the rear suspension bike they teased in 2019.

The Seigla is able to fit a 700x57mm tire or as many might know as 29×2.25. This is without lengthening the rear end and maintaining a 42.5cm chainstay length. But how did they make it all fit? The Seigla is 1x specific and has a solid carbon drivetrain-side chainstay that is slim, very slim but tall. The bottom bracket is also a BSA 73 which is normally a mountain bike standard. The 5mm wider bottom bracket shell and slim chainstay design allow the large tire to squeeze between the frame and chainring.

Check out our trip to Iceland  and first ride thoughts of the Seigla.


Probably the most striking change is the use of dropped seat stays. Lauf is all about saving weight and going fast. They also believe that you don’t need to compromise comfort to achieve this and the rear of the True Grit didn’t match what the Grit fork offered for compliance. With the dropped chainstays and a few other modifications, the Seigla is what Lauf says in an almost perfect balance front to rear.

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