All-road the French way

When we think of iconic road racing bike brands, Look Cycles might just be the biggest trendsetter of modern times. Look pioneered carbon frame design in 1986, when they put winner Greg LeMond aboard the first carbon-tubed frame ever ridden in the Tour de France. Sure we have come a long way since then, but the French brand knew they were onto something 36 years ago.

Beyond race bikes, Look has taken their pedigree for speed to a different category, endurance. Look knows not everyone is only after finish line photos, some of us are content with long days in the saddle and the achievement of racking up miles. This is where the Look 765 Optimum + slots into the lineup.


The Look Optimum Plus has endurance and upright geometry but could be a gravel rig as long as it is pretty tame. The Optimum isn’t slow, but the distribution of weight and more upright position makes it a good option for long rides. The gearing and component selection was spot on for a long day of climbing. Most of the bikes components are industry standard, so customizing the stem, bars and seatpost is easy. No internal routing in the cockpit means traveling with the bike in a case or servicing brake fluid is easy. The Look Optimum Plus is a great option for the vast majority of road riders that just love logging miles and exploring any road.

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