Bikes were meant for riding, not landfills.

In honor of Earth Day, we wanted to highlight a bespoke brand that is doing its part to minimize carbon waste and keep carbon out of landfills. Montenegro MFG (MMFG) has been repairing carbon frames here in Los Angeles for nearly 15 years. In 2013 the owner Hernan started producing custom bikes and in 2019 Agaromba was founded.



Bikes were meant for riding, not landfills.

Agaromba is here to solve a big problem in the bicycle industry that most people aren’t aware of. It’s not about a new whiz-bang electric handlebar or some new race. It’s something we can no longer afford to ignore—waste.

When you damage your carbon bicycle and get a crash replacement from the manufacturer, they chop your old frame in half and dump it in a landfill. It’s “not worth their time” to repair, so they destroy what may very well be a perfectly serviceable frame — needlessly creating more waste.

Some companies are working on technology to recycle carbon fiber — but it’s not there yet. And in an economy built on consumption, there’s not a lot of motivation to recycle.

At MMFG, they do everything they can to keep carbon fiber frames on the road, safe and strong. Repairing a damaged carbon fiber frame just makes good sense. A professional carbon fiber repair is often a fraction of the price of a crash replacement. Agaromba is the next step in the pursuit to do their part to be more responsible stewards of the environment, and advocates for better industry practices.

Agaromba is a line of competitive carbon fiber frames equal in quality to the bikes made by the top manufacturers. But with one key difference: if you damage it, MMFG will fix it. If it’s legitimate crash damage, the repair is free of charge.

One bike at a time

Hopefully, along the way, MMFG will change the way people think about the sustainability of the bikes they choose. And if a few of you choose Agaromba, then we’ll all be a little bit closer to a world with fewer bikes in the trash and more on the road. Don’t forget that MMFG will happily repair almost any damaged carbon bike for a fraction of what it will cost to replace.


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