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Belgian bike manufacturer Ridley just launched the Helium at the Essential level. Previously, the Helium SLX was only available in the Ridley Elite Series, in other words, only available in the exact same version as used by the Lotto-Soudal pros. Ridley designs its bikes like pros meticulously prepare for a race: every detail must be right. The weight as low as possible, the riding qualities optimal and the stiffness perfect. That’s the Elite Series in a nutshell.

The Essential Series, which includes the new Helium, perfects two of the three elements. Like the Elite Series, ride quality and stiffness are key. Due to a modified carbon lay-up, the bikes weigh just a little more. The goal of the Essential Series is to bring the technology and ride characteristics used by their top riders within reach of a larger group of enthusiasts and fans. You get the opportunity to experience the same stiffness and speed as Tim Wellens in the mountains.

Thanks to SRAM’s Rival AXS, the lower price point is still electronic and wireless.


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The Helium is therefore added to the range. Their price tag dips smoothly below that of their big brothers, the Helium SLX. At first glance, you will not notice any difference between the models.

The traditional esthetics still hide the brake hoses from lever all the way to caliper.

The Helium, like the Helium SLX, has the traditional round tube shapes, the F-Steerer (which allows all cables to run inside) and the narrow seat stays. All this is aimed at finding the perfect balance between weight and stiffness. The new Helium frame weighs less than 1000 grams.


The Helium will be available starting at $3500, with the Rival AXS version at $4500.

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