Steel done a new way

The Rea Urano is a new bike designed and developed by Romolo Stanco and TOOT Engineering. T-Red is a high-end Italian-made road bike company. The bikes are as uniquely designed as they are named.

Contemporary steel: two words that enclose this new project, designed for climbers. Yes, a steel bike. Forget the classic tubes or chromed steel, here we are talking about an alloy conceived and designed specifically for these bikes, an alloy in which the steel is micro-alloyed with Niobium, so as to significantly improve the mechanical characteristics of the material.


Uranus is the personification of Heaven, that sky that every cyclist passionate about climbs looks at when he gets on his bike, aiming to reach it in his exits and touch it with a finger, that sky that becomes ever closer.

Check out our First Look of the Rea Urano

Total customization

Geometries are not the only “tailor-made” aspect. As for any T-Red, the Rea Urano can also be set up and completed in the way that best suits your needs. T-Red staff selects and tests materials, components and wheels, TOOT Engineering develops uncompromising wheels and components, combining research, technology and attention to the real needs of cyclists. Internal cables routing, handlebars and stems or monocoque designed for lightness or comfort.

The version presented is fitted with Campagnolo’s 1×13 Ekar single chainring group. A solution that takes the group away from gravel use and demonstrates its potential on the road as well. The bike is set up with TOOT by BLKTEC integrated cable routing cockpit, TOOT Engineering Race-proven differentiated wheels 37mm at the front and 51mm at the rear, with hand-spoked 3K Twill rim by Pippowheels.

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