Bike Test: LandYachtz 1146

From longboards to road bikes

It was just a few years ago that we were introduced to Landyachtz when they visited our offices ahead of the 2017 Interbike show. They had just released a custom moldable saddle called the Reform. As they were running us through the highlights, we noticed they mentioned “our bike” a few times. Since they introduced themselves as having countless years in the skateboard market designing performance longboards, we were a bit confused. Finally, we asked, “Wait, you make bikes too?”

In a turn, this seemingly small saddle brand from Vancouver, British Columbia, just got a whole lot bigger. Turns out, they had been making city and commuter bikes for some time, and the saddle was just icing on the cake. They were offering a few different options for roadies like us, and the one they had on display a few weeks later at the show was stunning.


The 1146 series of bikes is Landyachtz’s custom build platform. The number 1146 refers to the street address of their headquarters, as well as the location where each of these frames is made to order. They use Columbus Life tubing and offer five stock geometries as a starting point. For those not familiar with Columbus, the legacy Italian tubing company is the most venerable name in steel tubing today and has evolved the material for cycling-specific use like no other. Since each of these bikes is custom, many of the fit and geometry specifics will be tailored to the needs of each customer.

The frame welds on the frame were the subject of almost every person that laid eyes on the frame, ride after ride.

For our test bike, we opted for their standard-size medium frame. In the rear, the 1146 has a 12mm thru-axle and post-mount disc brake. The seat tube is 54cm and matched to a 55cm top tube. The 73-degree, 14cm-long head tube is paired with an Enve carbon road fork and flat-mount disc brake. The
total wheelbase is 99.5cm with
42cm-long chainstays.


From the wheels to the cockpit, our test bike arrived flying the Easton flag high. It’s rolling on the 38mm-deep Easton EC90 SL Disc wheels that are tubeless-ready with 28mm external and 19mm internal widths. The carbon hoops were mounted with a pair of Pirelli P Zero Velo 25mm tires. An Easton EC90 SL crank spins up the SRAM Red Hydro gruppo. An EC70 Zero seatpost is topped with the Reform Modern 42 saddle that features carbon rails, leather cover and Thermofit technology. For the cockpit, there is an EC90 SL stem paired with an EC90 Aero bar. 

The Landyachtz design is clean and seamlessly transitions from modern internal routing to external at the bottom bracket.


When you first look at the frame, the tubes look anodized, but it is really the color the frame turns after getting baked before the clear powdercoat is applied. The weld beads come out gold and truly pop. The bike rides equally as well as it looks. The performance parts selection is the perfect mate for the Columbus tubing, which offers a subtle damper for road vibrations while maintaining overall frame rigidity. The 38mm-deep wheels are contrasting to the traditional small-diameter tubes but offer even more performance when cornering. 

The thru-axles and unique rear dropouts meant we had no disc deflection or rubbing even after hard braking. On the climbs, the bike felt nimble and balanced, but there was a bit of flex through the bottom bracket when we got out of the saddle on big efforts. The Reform saddle made by Landyachtz, offered a custom fit saddle via a process similar to the heat-molded insoles available in a variety of shoes.

One of the biggest highlights of the bike is the moldable saddle and the real reason we found the brand


At the end of the day, it is obvious that 20 years of crafting four-wheeled, gravity-fed speed machines has given them some kind of advantage when it comes to quality craftsmanship. We loved the look of the naked, unpainted frame, and at $1550 for a custom geometry frame made in Canada, the Landyachtz delivers more than looks alone. The bike performs very well, and the strength-to-weight ratio that the Life tubing offers is perfect for a performance road bike. The oversized head tube and thru-axles help bring more stiffness where it matters.


• Steel is real, fun
• Not the stiffest when standing
• Made in Canada 


Price: $6100

Weight: 18.37 pounds

Sizes: XS, S, M (tested), L, XL

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