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Ellis 953

The Ellis is smooth. It sits under you, soaks up the road and holds steady on corners and descents.

Traitor Exile

The Exile is not first on our list for a race bike, but for all-day training rides and long commutes, the Exile fits the bill.

Scott Addict R1

Lightweight racing bikes that perform as well as the Scott Addict R1 are rare, so we often were inspired to hand it over to a fellow rider.

KirkLee Custom

Everyone who rode the bike found it to be light, efficient and purpose-built for a performance ride.

Pinarello FP3

Pinarello’s racing origins are definitely evident in the FP3. The bike flat out hauls, especially in the corners where stability and confidence are found on the same high rung.

Fuji SST 2.0

The SST 2.0 is not a super lightweight, fragile, only-ride-on-smooth-roads bike. It is a street fighter, meant for the big, powerful riders who are out to win races.

Fondriest TF1

Outfitted as a pure racer, the TF1 breaks from the present trend towards addressing the comfort concerns of amateur enthusiasts with taller head tubes, shorter stems and forward-position saddles.

Lynskey Helix

The Helix hits the mark with its wild tube profiles and the handling and performance to back it up