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BH Speedrom

The Speedrom feels and performs above its price range and would be on our short list for bikes under $3000.

Lapierre X-Lite 400 FDJ

The X-Lite 400 is a solid blend of performance and all-day comfort that makes it perfect for long days in the saddle or hard efforts on the race course.

BMC SLC-01 PRO Machine

BMC’s refreshing design, coupled with Easton’s legendary composite know-how, results in a must-ride racing bicycle that is as pleasant to ride as it is capable of winning major events.

Felt AR Team Issue

Felt gave the AR every attribute of a ProTour road bike ? speed, acceleration and nimble handling ? and then carved it into a slippery profile to cheat the wind.

DeKerf Prodigy Ti

The Dekerf Prodigy demonstrates that 18 years of frame building experience and a passion for one of the earth’s rarest metals could keep that titanium movement growing strongly.

Trek XO2

While not the first name in cyclocross, Trek did their homework when developing the XO2. Expect to see a lot more Trek XO2s on the podium in 2009.

Redline Conquest Team

The Redline is an out-of-the-box race bike. Amazing frame, full carbon fork, great parts, and great handling are sure to keep Redline at the forefront of the cyclocross scene.

Wilier Mortirolo

Wilier is one of the most popular racing brands in Italy, which makes us proud to introduce the Wilier Mortirolo to the rest of the world.

Trek Madone 5.2

The Madone totally belies its racing heritage and design intent-it never felt like a race bike. More than anything, it shone as an all-around, long-day-in-the-saddle bike.