Already famous for their wide array of Swiss designed road and tri bikes, BMC is jumping into the e-road bike world with the launch of the BMC Roadmachine AMP. The svelte looking road bike cuts a sleek profile with its Class 1 rear hub powerplant that saves weight while offering just enough assist for anyone looking for some added climbing power.


Press Release

With the launch of the Roadmachine AMP, BMC is introducing its first-ever performance e-road bike, bringing an unprecedented all-round experience to committed, discerning and brand-new road cyclists alike.
The Roadmachine AMP underscores BMC’s performance-first approach, coupling the world’s lightest drive unit with the brand’s signature technologies, in a long-awaited package that is designed to expand a rider’s ambition and reach.

All the attributes that make the iconic Roadmachine series a success, as well as the world’s most advanced hub drive, have been integrated into the all-new Roadmachine AMP. Not one to give in to pressure, the Grenchen-based high-end bicycle manufacturer BMC is proud to introduce a dedicated e-road bike: the Roadmachine AMP.

The wait has been worth it.

BMC, which is known for taking a leading position within cycling, recognized that the industry’s drive system technology, which predominantly centers around the needs of eMTB and utility riders, wasn’t ready for their vision of a pure performance e-road bike. They tasked themselves with creating a dedicated solution involving the world’s most advanced drive unit – the Mahle X20 hub drive, one of the lightest systems on the market, weighing just above 3kg.

The new Roadmachine AMP frame benefits from the high level of design integration permitted by the ultra-compact Mahle X20—a luxury that the team at BMC quickly learned to appreciate, as it allowed them to replicate the already established Roadmachine’s best-in-class approach to all-day comfort. The Roadmachine AMP is supported by the brand’s signature Tuned Compliance Concept technology and proven Endurance geometry, for the same incredibly poised handling and category-leading compliance. In terms of visuals, the Roadmachine AMP has a striking design that is barely distinguishable from its perennial namesake, as well as generous tire clearance.

Seamlessly integrated into the rear wheel hub, the Mahle X20 boasts an industry-leading power-to-weight ratio, innovative drive system, and artificial intelligence that allows the bike to auto-adapt to the rider, the environment, and the effort, for a consistently natural feel. Other functional and innovative features include its range-optimizing Smart Battery, rapid Active Charger, a 173 Wh Range Extender compatible with standard bottle cages, and a game-changing HMI – human-machine interface – that redefines user-orientated performance by enabling unobtrusive communication between bike and rider through processing incoming information provided by the sensors (torque, cadence, movement, gyroscope).

If the Roadmachine is the go-to model for endurance riders with an appreciation for comfort, control and all-round versatility, then the Roadmachine AMP is BMC’s calculated response after years of research into bike behavior to better serve the needs of discerning riders. It’s a bike that reminds us that performance road riding and pedal assistance can coexist without having to compromise.

BMC enters the e-road segment in style with the Roadmachine AMP, promising a great future for performance-oriented assisted riding with this first arrival to their all-new amplified road series.


The Roadmachine AMP is available in six sizes (47, 51, 54, 56, 58 and 61) and three models. The Roadmachine AMP ONE and TWO, available from the 1st of July, cost $8499 USD) and 6’999 euros respectively. The Roadmachine AMP THREE, available from August 2022, will sell for $6299. The US-only version of the Roadmachine AMP TWO will be available from November 2022 for $7299 USD.

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