Bobke’;s Daily Call In

There was panic on the streets of London and in the town of St. Eteinne. The French authorities have kindly asked that I return y car which I gladly complied. The reasons are extensive, complicated and absolutely confounding to the American idea of justice. But, it’s their race and their country so what can you do? I’d rather not comment further on the incident, other than to say that my forward progress to the next stage finish tomorrow will likely depend on the kindness of the French motoring public as I will be hitchhiking!

Also, a kind reminder to everyone watching the race on TV. Whatever travails you may be going through in life, they pale in comparison to what the riders on the Tour de France have to endure. Just look at poor Damiano Cunego today who crashed on his face and still soldiers on to the finish trying to make the time limit. That’s what makes the Tour such a beautiful thing.

Wait a minute?.’Hello ladies?are you having fun today? Are you from France? Oh, New Jersey?.I was just gonna say either France or New Jersey!’

Sorry about that, but some tourists just came into the booth, where was I?  Can you believe that I get through this whole race with only two shirts? I don’t know about the Brits, but all I need to get by is the two button downs and somebody who knows how to iron really well.

In the end it doesn’t really matter. When I get to be 70 years old I’d like to be like Monet?.walking the streets of Paris late at night, stuttering and smoking cigarettes with a lot of good memories from this race.

Bobke’s Inside Line: People need to be reminded that your credentials don’t mean anything. What it says on your race ID card, your passport, or anything doesn’t matter. It’s your character that matter most in life. It’s like Martin Luther King Jr. said, ?It’s the content of your character that counts?’

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