Bobke’s Daily Call In

I honestly thought today’s stage would be closer. If the TT today proved anything, it’s the extent that fatigue is able to neutralize your acceleration. On a single day race Cadel would’ve easily been able to take three minutes out of Sastre no problem. But after three weeks at it, with a crash and CSC teaming up on him, it all adds up and Cadel just didn’t have it today.

Sastre has his 14k effort on Alpe d’Huez to thank for his win. He rode that hard and he rode hard today ? that’s a 60k effort that has now made him the million dollar baby. His contract is up and with the new Russian team out there flashing thousands of rubles in front of him, he’s sitting pretty. I think he has a good team with CSC and I was reminded of a video on the team from a few years ago where Bjarne Riis was saying that the team was built around Sastre. I remember hearing that and thinking ? what?! But here we are now and Riis’ words proved prophetic.

I’m really excited about Vandevelde’s Tour. He rode great and he might be able to move up next year, the only problem for Christian is that next year Astana should be back in the Tour and that most likely puts Contador and Kloden in front of him.

Bobke’s Inside Line: An effective legal system is based on a vision of equality and fair play. Human nature however is predisposed otherwise. No matter how much Cadel wanted to win, no matter what the pundits all said, or how strong he looked on paper, Sastre had a ½% more stamina and psychological calm and after three weeks of racing it made the difference.


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