Bobke’s Tour de France Slam Dance, Stage 1

What about the end of the stage? It was like a pinball machine as the riders were bouncing off the pavement! There just wasn’t enough room for those guys to do what they needed to do?there more was drama in that finish sprint than the roads of Harrogate would allow for. It’s so unfortunate because Cavendish was in the perfect position, but he got squeezed-off and he knows you don’t touch the brakes, you don’t back down – ever! The creed of the sprinters is an easy one to understand ? you win or absorb the punishment! Cav’s crash shoes how devastating the sprints can be when things go wrong.


When’s the last time a 42 year old father of like 6 kids made you feel lazy?! It amazes me that a guy with 17 Tours already to his credit can still show the same kind of enthusiasm as he did when he started. Jens’ race today proved the love that he has for the sport and the bike. He may not have the same kind of watts he did back then, but the passion he displays for his job is so impressive?especially when you consider how he schooled those two young French dudes by shifting into a higher gear and pedaling away from them! His performance today shows what’s so magical about the Tour de France and that if you’re willing to go all in there’s a reward to enjoy. With this being his last Tour, I think he wanted a memento from it and he definitely got it with the KOM jersey. Jensy definitely got as much from one stage as anyone possibly could today.

I’m telling you, this country is swingin’ because the bicycle is taking over! I heard that ten percent of the commuters in London are cyclists ? that’s huge! But what about Chris Froome today? Lost in the drama of Jens and Cav was the fact that Chris Froome finished in sixth place. Sixth!!! That’s the kind of finish that plenty of sprinters would try to have to make their whole season!! Holy cow!!! The English countryside has been wonderful, from the staert in Leeds to the finish in harrogate, it’s sublime out here. Still, I can wait to get to London?London Calling baby! I’m hoping to get a dinner at the Duck and Waffle?my goal is to accumulate as many Michelin stars as I do in frequent flyer miles!

Speaking of Leeds

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