Bobke’s Tour de France Slam Dance, Stage 10

“Hhmm, if I had to choose a single word to describe the Tour so far, I think it would be comeuppance. For some of these guys the race has been like a hot air balloon with a hole in it. For someone like Talansky, it looked like his balloon hit the ground, now it’s just a matter if he can patch it up and get it afloat again. With Contador gone it obviously opens up opportunities for many other riders, I’m hoping some of the younger French riders are among them. Guys like Rolland and Pinot could do something that they could look back on in years to come. If you’re a younger rider, there’s a huge difference between finishing the Tour in the top ten and finishing 11th. It’s tough to see the star riders exit, but as we all know, the Tour de France does not play favorites.

The drag for Contador is that this was thought to be a redeeming ride for him. It was a race that he has been working so diligently on for the last year. To have that fire snuffed out by a crash is most unfortunate. That was a heartbreaking moment watching him getting in the car, but he’s a tough cookie and I bet he can still come back to win it again. Contador has the pedigree, it’s really just a matter  if the stars line up as in who his teammates and sponsors are and  if gets the right training in.

“It was also sad to see Ted King abandon and it’s not like he’s just been out there noodling around each day. Those guys were working it every day to get Sagan to the front. I hope he gets another shot at it, but it’s just more evidence of how truly hard the Tour is. Some riders are smart and avoid it! But you can’t just drop in to the Tour and expect to finish. It takes time to absorb the punishment and fortify yourself for it. I think Ted should’ve had the Giro or the Vuelta under his belt to help build up his resistance.