Bobke’s Tour de France Slam Dance, Stage 17

‘What can you say about who puts out that kind of effort?! Not only does he demolish the field, but he has the time and energy to wink to the moto camera not once, but twice! And this is his second stage win after not even being selected on the original Tour team list.  After a sixth overall in the Giro and  now two stage wins in the Tour de France, this is a guy who’s personal stock just shot through the roof in value.

Best of all, I think that  his performance just further raised the stock of all these new generation riders including guys like Bardet and Pinot.  All these guys bring a collective ‘who?!’  to any discussion about the future of the sport, but along with riders like Tejay and Sagan, they are the future face of the Tour de France.

Even though he didn’t win, I think Nicholas was the man of the match for sure. His father (18-987 Tour de France winner Stephen) must’ve been so proud.  Nicholas put in a solid effort that also proved how much depth Tinkoff-Saxo has beyond Contador.


I think Movistar will be there with all their guns blazing and anybody not ready to respond to that will pay.  Valverde will be desperate to hold onto every second he has over the French guys nipping at his heels for second overall in Paris. I have to say, the great thing is that one way or another  a French rider will be on the podium in Paris and that will be for the first time since Virenque did it 1997.

‘Oleg was pretty sneaky when I asked him on camera about who might be on his team for next year and without mentioning names ? and not having to ? he said the Tinkoff team would definitely be in the fight for the green jersey next year. In other words, he’s planning on getting Sagan.  The thing he said about Bjarne Riis now having time to coach was a really important one. When Bjarne doesn’t have to worry about where the money is coming from ? and with Tinkoff’s millions he certainly doesn’t ? he now has time to coach his riders and the results show the success of that happening.  Better still is that three stage wins in the Tour de France will definitely keep potential investors engaged!