Bobke’s Tour de France Slam Dance, Stage 8

” I know some people are saying that with Nibali’s gap on Contador especially, that the race is over. What they forget is that this is the Tour de France. I can’t count how many times I’ve heard people say the same thing over the years, only to have the race turn upside down by the time the riders reach Paris. Vicenzo could easily have his comeuppance with any kind of bad luck and then it could be back to even-steven.

“I really feel sorry for Tejay. He’s been doing everything right and still, bad luck comes up to pull him down. I think he proved today that he’s in good shape. Sure, they pulled away a little at the end, but don’t forget he’s gone down hard like five times in the last few days – you can’t underestimate how much that takes out of a guy and I think he’s still recuperating from that. He probably won’t have it any easier on Monday with the short and punchy climbs, but I can see him rebounding in the Alps where the climbs are longer and not so steep which sort his talents better.

“Andrew is proof that anything can happen in the Tour de France – and usually does. He looked strong yesterday, but made a fundamental error at the finish. Today, it looked like he had a hard time getting warmed-up after that crash yesterday, but then he got into a good rhythm, before he got his clock cleaned going through a turn. It’s too bad because today he did lose some serious time. Still, Andrew is a tough kid and I hope he too remembers the cardinal rule of the Tour de France – anything can happen, and it usually does. Unfortunately, for him, everything that has been happening these last two days as been bad. All Talansky needs is a string of good luck.

“That was so  cool to see. Kadri really put in a great, great ride especially when you consider that of all the guys in the break-away, you could name each of them and say they had a chance, but when you got to Blel, you’s probably say no chance – and then he ends up coming out on top. More than anything, his win today proves that toughness is as important a pedigree to have under you as the  bike you ride or the team you ride for. It was also very good for France…French riders need to do good to help keep the sport viable in the host country.

“I have one word to describe stage 9 & 10….grim. Monday by far will be a wretched stage with all those climbs and if the weather then is anything like it was today, oh Lord I feel sorry for the riders.”


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