Bontrager Garmin Edge 1030

A new partnership to improve the riding experience

The Garmin Edge 1030 has been on the market for some time now and offers many options and connection features. It is one of the computers we use during testing, so when we got a peek at the Bontrager partnership version we were stoked.

What Is Different?

Well, not much is different from the existing 1030. The esthetics are the biggest noticeable difference with the new Bontrager version a sleek black and on the face is badged with the Bontrager name. The Bontrager version will also come loaded with Bontrager Light Control and Trek Certified Service Reminders. Bontrager Light Control allows you to wirelessly control your front and rear Bontrager RT Daytime Running Lights, while Trek Certified Service intervals prompt for maintenance reminders specific to your bike model and usage.

All of the same mounting and connection options as the original 1030.


While we got a sneak peek of the units the Bontrager specific features were still going through final revisions. The units seem to function exactly the same and we went through every option on both units with no difference. Since the Edge 1030 allows users to load apps from the Garmin IQ store there is a good chance that these same features will be available to users that already own a Garmin Edge 1030. The Bontrager version will ship with the apps preinstalled.

The front of the units is the same, with the Garmin name large and bold.

So why the Bontrager Version? Really it’s a new color option and if you are a lucky enough to ride a Trek it will match the rest of the Bontrager parts. Bontrager also has their Blendr integration which are adapter mounts for fitting lights, computers, cameras and more to their stems and bars and there are a few options that fit the Edge 1030.

During the power-on sequence, the Bontrager unit has their logo with the addition of “powered by Garmin” displayed.

No matter which one you choose this is a top of the line computer that has maps, navigation, phone messaging integration and so much more. All of this is not cheap and will set you back $600 for either. For more info head to for the new Bontrager version or for more info on all of the Edge line of products.

Another view of both the Garmin and Bontrager Edge 1030 booting.

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